I Got the Job!


Turns out I didn’t even need to fill out an application—I just walked up to the store, said hi, and got hired. There was this lady outside carrying a bunch of boxes and wearing a short-sleeved shirt even though it’s the end of December and pretty darn cold outside. Anyway, the actual hiring happened sort of like this:

Me: Wow, I love that mannequin in the store window display. And, um, I was wondering—

Michaela: Hey, thanks for noticing! Now, mind holding the door for me?

Me: Uh, okay, sure I guess…

Inside the store:
Michaela: So, I coordinated the outfit myself, and this is Mira Luna, where all the fabulous people come. And what about you? What’s your name? What’s your birthday?

Me: And you want to know this why…?

Michaela: Oh, I just like to pry that way. Hey look, a customer! You can help the next one, alright?

So I outfitted this customer in a really cute pair of jeans, and Michaela was all: You’re a natural! Want to work here? So of course I said yes, because this is just the break I’ve been waiting for! Mira Luna doesn’t pay hourly, but I get a 100% commission on everything I sell, which is a tough deal to beat. After the initial flurry of getting-hired excitement, my new boss said to come back and start work tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure why she’s open on New Year’s Eve, but apparently the fashion-conscious in this town never sleep. Anyway, I don’t have anything else planned, so why the heck not?

Tired after a long day of excitement.

Tired after a long day of excitement.

A Proper Starting Point


Well, hi there! I’m going to start off the blog with a kick by first giving some introduction, as a lot of blogs of this kind just jump right into content without a proper starting point. Styleville is somewhere on the Eastern seaboard, and is home to some of the most fashionable people in the country, including yours truly!

Yours truly!

That would be me!

In this place, I’m one of the many, but I’m also hoping to aspire to become one of the few. There are some fast-track career options for fashion-conscious people in this area, so I’m hoping to snag a one-way ticket to stardom.  As for me, myself, my name is Susan and I’m attending Styleville Central University for a Master’s in Fashion Marketing and Design. (More info about me under the About Me page!) I should be done with the program about a year from now—I have some more required credits to earn, and then I’ve got to get crackin’ on my dissertation. But I want to have a career plan in place before I graduate, so over the past couple of months I’ve used my new Master’s-student-in-fashion-here credentials to apply at a bunch of boutiques around town. Most of them already had enough employees, though, and the others—well, let’s just say they didn’t offer the best hourly pay I’ve ever seen. But I recently sent in an app to this one store, Mira Luna I think, and the manager should be getting back to me a little later today….


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