I Got the Job!


Turns out I didn’t even need to fill out an application—I just walked up to the store, said hi, and got hired. There was this lady outside carrying a bunch of boxes and wearing a short-sleeved shirt even though it’s the end of December and pretty darn cold outside. Anyway, the actual hiring happened sort of like this:

Me: Wow, I love that mannequin in the store window display. And, um, I was wondering—

Michaela: Hey, thanks for noticing! Now, mind holding the door for me?

Me: Uh, okay, sure I guess…

Inside the store:
Michaela: So, I coordinated the outfit myself, and this is Mira Luna, where all the fabulous people come. And what about you? What’s your name? What’s your birthday?

Me: And you want to know this why…?

Michaela: Oh, I just like to pry that way. Hey look, a customer! You can help the next one, alright?

So I outfitted this customer in a really cute pair of jeans, and Michaela was all: You’re a natural! Want to work here? So of course I said yes, because this is just the break I’ve been waiting for! Mira Luna doesn’t pay hourly, but I get a 100% commission on everything I sell, which is a tough deal to beat. After the initial flurry of getting-hired excitement, my new boss said to come back and start work tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure why she’s open on New Year’s Eve, but apparently the fashion-conscious in this town never sleep. Anyway, I don’t have anything else planned, so why the heck not?

Tired after a long day of excitement.

Tired after a long day of excitement.


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