First Day at Mira Luna


My first day on the job was certainly interesting. The day started out with me meeting Emmylou, Michaela’s other part-time sales assistant. She also works as a freelance stylist a few days a week, and I like her already—she’s so friendly and fun to be around.

My new co-worker, Emmylou!

My new co-worker, Emmylou!

She let me help most of the customers who came in, even though I am, as I was reminded several times today, the “newbie.” Still, a newbie can please customers, too, especially with people as knowledgeable as Michaela and Emmylou to offer background advice!

My first customer...

My first customer…

...and the casual dress I chose for her.

…and the casual dress I chose for her.

With some tips from my more experienced coworkers, I got an introduction to layering tops and matching different “tastes” by looking at the brands that went with them. I filled in some new Style Index items on my phone as well—what a handy little thing to have! With this app, I can always check if I forget which brand is which taste, etc. Toward the end of my shift, Avery, a former model, stopped in to say hi. Apparently she and Michaela go way back, and according to Emmylou, she’s really picky and hard to please, but she liked the bag I chose for her! That made my day, and Michaela closed up shop on a high note. I headed back to my apartment, heated up some vegetable soup for dinner, took a quick shower, and crashed.

Yum, soup!

Yum, soup!

I love working at Mira Luna, though—even if it’s tiring, there are so many new faces, and I’ve already met some higher-ups in the fashion industry. Just on day one! Why didn’t I look around for this kind of job opportunity last year?


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