Welcome to the Buyer’s Center!


Happy New Year! My New Year’s Day was absolutely packed, and I wasn’t exactly at full energy thanks to the fireworks that kept going off between midnight and two in the morning. As I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day, Emmylou stopped by and dropped off a package of clothes! It was a gift from Michaela, who encourages us, as walking representatives of Mira Luna, to always look our best. Of course, I already had a modest selection of items from my time in town, but it was nice to get some new additions to my wardrobe! There were pieces from a bunch of different brands, so I played around with my outfit for a while. I was also able to redesign my apartment interior—my options are pretty limited, but I at least swapped out the wallpaper before heading to the boutique.

See? Purple!

See? Purple!

My shift started with a request for a “pop” style skirt from a new customer, but unfortunately we were all out. However, Daphne, another of Michaela’s fashion-world comrades, stepped in right around then, and she offered to give me an intro to the process of restocking. The two of us headed over to the Buyer’s Center, where Daphne works and where Michaela, Emmylou or I can go to purchase new clothes if our stock starts getting low.

My first look at the Buyer's Center.

My first look at the Buyer’s Center.

I was only looking for one specific item, so we went to the Mint Sprinkles store, where Connie, the brand representative, outfitted me in an all-pop ensemble. It was…um…bright. And yellow. And really freakin’ adorable.

I love pop!

Me and Connie! I love Mint Sprinkles.

Anyway, once I’d purchased the items I needed, I went back to Mira Luna and served a couple of customers before it was time to close up shop. But Emmylou didn’t have a key and neither did I, and Michaela had just stepped out to go meet Avery. Fortunately, I found them at the café right around the corner, and then Avery started talking about—contests?

Avery and Michaela, but more importantly, the way-adorable cafe!

Avery and Michaela, but more importantly, the way-adorable cafe!

She left before I could really ask what she meant, and by then it was pretty late, so I headed on home, where, as I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I had one last surprise. This guy Brad stopped by to deliver my purchases from the Buyer’s Center, because every time I shop there, I get the items I bought delivered to my personal closet! After a minute spent browsing the new arrivals, I hit the hay. All in all, an awesome first day of 2013.


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