All About Emmylou


Today was full of all sorts of new styles—punk, princess, feminine, and more. But first things first: let’s start where I started my day—at the Buyer’s Center! In the morning I got a notice on my phone saying that there were two new stores opening at the Buyer’s Center, namely Über Cloth and Stage Dive. So I checked them out on my way to work, and reps Penny and Ginger lost no time putting together outfits for me to try on.

After that, I made a quick stop at the café before going to Mira Luna, where the first thing I noticed was Emmylou’s new hairstyle! Apparently she got it done by Celeste, who’s planning to open a hair salon in town soon. Michaela dressed Emmylou in a princess-style outfit to match her new hair, and then got to help out the first couple I’ve seen come into the store!

Aren't they perfect together? <3

Aren’t they perfect together? ❤

And when I stopped at my apartment later, deliveryman Brad was there with my new stuff from the Buyer’s Center.

Back at Mira Luna, Emmylou asked me for a “feminine” outfit, which I tried to match to her hairstyle, and then we went out for a walk in the park.

Isn't that a cute look for her?

Such a cute look for her!

I helped a couple more customers, using a new “try it on right away!” suggestion that Michaela introduced me to, and then it was time to close up. My boss pulled me aside before we left, and she and Emmylou explained that my co-worker is going to be moving on in the world of style to work as a full-time stylist. I can’t say I won’t miss her, but I am happy for her—best of luck, Emmylou!


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