Mira Luna is…Mine?!


So, so much has happened lately here in Styleville. It all started when Celeste, who did Emmylou’s hair the other day, came in asking for a bold outfit. I put one together for her, and then we made plans to meet at the café later on. 

Bold is so perfect for both of them!

Bold is so perfect for both of them!

When I arrived, Celeste’s friend Ingrid happened to be passing by, and the two of them told me that they’re planning on opening hair and makeup salons here in town! I was thrilled to hear it, and even more happy that they’re letting me in on their plans. It’ll be the group of us—me and Michaela at Mira Luna, Celeste at the hair salon, and Ingrid at the makeup store—helping the entire community become more fashionable. I can’t wait! 

After our meeting, I headed back to Mira Luna, where we were having a rare slow moment. Michaela suggested I put together an outfit for her, which was really fun.

Isn't it cute? It's so perfect for her!

Isn’t it cute?

 She loved it, and talked about how fast I’d grown and stuff.

And then.

She asked if I maybe wanted to run the boutique.

As in, did I maybe want to take over the management of Mira Luna.

Before I could say no, or talk about how my homework keeps me busy, Michaela made up her mind and Mira Luna became mine! Honestly, I can’t say I’m upset—I was kind of hoping for this sort of career-advancement in the fashion world when I took the job at Mira Luna, but I never expected such a big break to come so soon! Next, Michaela called up this guy Harris, and together the three of us picked out a new interior for the boutique. We also renamed it Lilac Breeze, which I think goes very well with the “elegant” -themed interior I chose.

The renovation took a couple of days, and in that time we also had our first snowfall. It looks so nice outside, and plus, it’s a great excuse to wear a cute coat! Emmylou came over first thing on the day of my grand re-opening day to say hi and wish me good luck. The boutique had a super-successful first day, and I even met one of the customers for tea at the café after work.

I also have Shea working as my part-time assistant now, so I’m confident that when my studies call me away from fashion for a little while, she’ll be able to hold down the fort.

My new assistant! She's not Emmylou, but she's still great to have around.

My new assistant! She’s not Emmylou, but she’s still great to have around.

And to end on a high note, Celeste said the hair salon will be opening soon—finally, a chance for me to play around with some layers and highlights!


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