Men’s Wear!


Today started out with a bang when I got up bright and early and headed to the park to meet a couple of my customers, Avalon and June, who had come by the store yesterday. I guess Avalon posted a picture of June on her blog to help increase her friend’s confidence, and it seems like my outfit got a great reception from the Internet—hooray! Maybe this will mean more business for us at Mira Luna? 

I mean, come on. Is is a pretty cute outfit.

I mean, come on. Is is a pretty cute outfit.

After that little run-in, I stopped at the Buyer’s Center, where men’s fashions have recently become available! The clothes they offer are really neat, and it was fun meeting the reps for Aeronf and Men’s Wear Ueber Cloth, the only two male brands currently available. Of course, not being able to try on the clothes made me a little bummed, but they still got a model to show me the “look” of the different brands, which made it all worthwhile. 

The rep of the men's contemporary-style brand Aeronef!

The rep of the men’s contemporary-style brand Aéronef!

So once I’d purchased some men’s wear, I headed over to Lilac Breeze, where Michaela met me to tell me about options for clearing out my storeroom by having sales and things. And when she left, this guy Phillip showed up. He’s a friend of Emmylou’s, and we’d met once before, but now he was asking me if I could put together an outfit for a job interview for him! I said yes, of course, and had a lot of fun picking things for him to wear.

The finished product!

The finished product!

 Later in the day, I met him and his interviewer at the café, where he was quickly offered the job.

No doubt partly thanks to my marvelous outfit!

No doubt partly thanks to my marvelous outfit!

I was really happy for him, and I’m definitely looking forward to helping more men dress their best in the future! Honestly, I think men’s fashion is more interesting than women’s fashion sometimes…


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