My First Contest!


Last night was IT, you guys—the big break I’ve been waiting and waiting for! It was the first time contests opened to the public, and of course I figured I might as well go strut my stuff. Avery met me at the entrance to the contest hall, and with a little shoving and elbow-jostling, managed to secure the fourth and final spot in the contest for yours truly. After I was signed up, she showed me around backstage…

See, backstage...!

See, backstage…!

…where I picked a model before getting to work styling an outfit, and choosing a hairdo and new makeup! It was a bunch of fun, and then the four models all hit the catwalk.

It was really inspiring and kind of a breath of fresh air for me, seeing the other stylists’ take on the contest theme. And then came the judging…and results put me and my model in the top spot! I couldn’t believe it, and I don’t think she could, either. When the contest was all over, I headed to the hotel for the after party, where I showed off my carefully selected Cantata Modo outfit and chatted with a couple of guys. After saying hi to Avery, I took a look at my phone and decided I’d better get home before the sun started rising. Imagine my surprise the next morning, though, when my face—my face—greeted me as soon as I opened the latest edition of e-magazine Nuances my on phone! All in all, a great first venture into the world of contests. I can’t wait to do it all again soon!


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