Me, Matchmaker?


Today was one of the days I’ve always wanted to have since I arrived in Styleville—I took it easy. All day. Well, okay, not really. I styled an outfit, and then I hit the Buyer’s Center bright and early, where I found this gorgeous sleeveless dress by Zhade. I wanted it so badly, but I’d already bought up a bunch of items from other brands and didn’t have the funds. So, the natural thing to do? I headed back to the shop and sold a bunch of outfits and items, including a necklace that was snapped up by a dude and his sister. I didn’t really think anything of it until later, when the guy’s girlfriend came by and asked if I’d seen him and his date around town. I almost cracked up, honestly—she thought he was cheating on her!

Girl, stop with the long face...

Girl, stop with the long face…

 Him, one of the nicest dudes around (well, I don’t know that many, but in my opinion anyway…). So I told her it was just his sister, and she calmed down and said thanks and headed out. I helped a couple more people and then hit the hair salon and cosmetics studio before making a dash for the Buyer’s Center. I snatched up that dress just before they closed! Now all I have to do is win a contest so I can wear the thing around at an after-party…that shouldn’t be too hard, though, right? 

So what do you think? This color has definitely grown on me!

So what do you think? This color has definitely grown on me!


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