My Second Contest


My day started out with some low-key closet browsing. Because, let’s face it—for the past almost-month I’ve been in Styleville, I’ve done a ton of shopping, and I have a whole mess of stuff. Honestly, where the heck do I even keep it all, and more importantly, how do I keep it straight? Answer: Hours spent organizing, and the fact that I turned my apartment’s dining room into a closet. I just wish the Buyer’s Center provided free hangers along with the things I purchase…After putting together an outfit to match my hair, I headed out. Then, you know, hit the store, hit the Buyer’s Center, all that good stuff. I popped by the park mid-day and ran into one of my customers, who was busy snapping some pictures—she got a great one of us!



 Later Daphne stopped by Lilac Breeze and asked for my opinion in picking out a new brand to come to Styleville’s Buyer’s Center. Of course, I was more than happy to help, and as a result, [] opened its doors today! [photos]
I also got a new assistant—her name’s Dierdee, and while she gets about as much done as Shea (aka nothing), it’s nice to have a fresh face around in the store. 

And, y'know, it's fun not having to check everyone out myself...

And, y’know, it’s fun not having to ring up everyone myself…

After hiring a new employee and working in the store all day, I was ready to do something fun for myself. Once it got dark out, I headed home, changed into an up-scale Zhade outfit, and hit the contest hall, where…wait for it…I swept the competition! Check out my photos…

…pretty sweet, huh? The after-party was fun, too, and the éclairs were absolutely to die for. I mean, they were just sitting out there, practically asking to be eaten…


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