New Snow!


It snowed again overnight, and the whole town looked gorgeous with the fresh blanket of white everywhere. I bundled up against the cold in a cute Le Spark-inspired look, but then I decided to go with something a little more basic. After all, that’s really closest to my personal style (although I like to think I can pull off the other styles without a hitch, if I want to).

Here's the flirty outfit...

Here’s the flirty outfit…

...and another, more laid-back look.

…and another, more laid-back look.

 In the store today, I was a little surprised to see Daphne again, but I didn’t have a problem when she announced the upcoming opening of Kanakoi, a brand with looks inspired by fashion from Asia/the Far East. Their stuff just looks too cute to resist, so naturally I ran over there as soon as I could get away. 

Seriously, isn't that adorable?

Seriously, isn’t that adorable?

When I got back to the boutique, India, the waitress at the café, asked if I had any basic-style tights in stock. She’d been in and out a couple of times over the course of the week with the same request, but I hadn’t been able to grant it. This time, though, I was prepared, and India left happy, but not before dropping  a couple of comments about my manager being out and how it must be pretty hard for an assistant like myself to be running the store all by my lonesome. Personally, I found that a little bit offensive—what, was I not managerish enough for her? But Michaela breezed in just as India was leaving, and announced that she was going down to the café a little later in the day. I met her there expecting to share a cuppa, but instead she ended up introducing me to India, who was all, “Whaaaat? You’re managing the boutique now?” 

No way, right!?

No way, right!?

Um, ya think? Look around you, girlfriend—who’s the name on everyone’s lips? It’s not Michaela anymore, is it?

Anyway. Michaela pronounced India and I as being on the way to becoming great friends, and, well, I’ll make an effort for her sake, but it would help if my to-be friend would open her eyes a little bit more. I don’t have anything against her, I’m just—still—a little bit peeved. Once I got over that, though, I looked at my watch and tossed aside all ideas of chillin’ in my apartment or browsing at the Buyer’s Center. It was nighttime, the boutique was going to close up soon, and the Contest Hall was just opening. I squeezed into a preppy-themed contest and gleaned another award to add to my closet.

They give out pieces from a larger overall ensemble as prizes—right now I have two things from the “flight attendant” costume, and a lot more still to go. But with a little luck (and a few more wins!), maybe the next level in the contests will open up to me soon? It’s too bad I can only do one per day…


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