My Personal Premiere


About ten billion things happened today, so I’m going to try to get through them in as smooth a manner as possible. Ready? Go!

First things first: when I walked into the boutique in the morning, Dierdee said she had sold a Leopard-Print Scarf to a customer for $29.40.  That 100% commission rate I mentioned? Well, Dierdee, expect to see $29.40 in your paycheck this month.

Next, tons of customers! One of them was India, and after I made an outfit for her, she mentioned the new photo studio that just opened up. Apparently you can go there alone or with a friend to get pictures taken by professional photographer Teagen, the one who’s always getting photo-ops of me after contest wins and around town.  I met India there during my lunch break, and we took a really cute picture together.

Another customer told me she’d put together a winter-themed menu for the posh restaurant that’s at the top floor of the posh hotel downtown, and asked if I’d like to meet her for dinner. I said yes, of course, and added it to my schedule. But then these two gals came in, Grace and Renee.

Hi there, can I help you?

Hi there, can I help you?

After I’d styled an outfit for Grace, she asked if maybe I’d be interested in working at her boutique, Strata, which is located in a neighboring town. Fortunately, Renee pointed out that I have my hands full already, so I didn’t have to decline. But when they invited me to join them at the café that evening, what, other than yes, was I supposed to say to a fellow fashionable boutique owner?

Isn't that outfit just lovely on her?

Isn’t that outfit just lovely on her?


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