Photo-Album Style


After a lot of rather word-heavy posts, I think it might be time to change the style of the blog, if you catch my drift. Just as there are distinct styles in the fashion world, so too are there distinct styles in the ways of the blog. And with schoolwork starting to get heavy and the boutique in Dierdee’s (or, y’know, Shea’s) somewhat-capable hands, I think I’d like to start off on a new foot. Starting sometime next month, posts are going to go from wordy to streamlined, without all that chunky prose to look through. Instead of telling a story in so many words, I’ll tell it in more pictures and captions. Don’t worry, there’ll still be plenty of text to look at—just not quite so much as there has been. I promise it’ll be great for everyone—less work for me, less reading for you, with the same story being told and the fun-levels remaining constant. Hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!


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