Welcome to February


Hey, my first entry of the new month—rabbits, everybody! …Yeah, nevermind. Anyway, my day went much as you might imagine—I put together an outfit and styled my hair to match, and then met a couple of people around town. Later I hit the photo studio and did my first solo shoot, which yielded a really cool batch of pictures. Totally worth the money!


And because I had a huge mess of laundry clogging my apartment floor—I mean, who wouldn’t, with that many clothes?—I decided to put in a load at the complex’s Laundromat. I did my sheets and bedding, too! Man, it’ll be nice to have a clean bed, but my room still needs some serious dusting.  What with all that activity and a (very expensive—over $3,000 blown at just one store!) trip to the Buyer’s Center, I didn’t even have a chance to visit my shop today! It was all good, though, because yesterday I appointed this new guy Danny to take over as my assistant when I can’t make it in. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more low-key and will involve a few less chores…


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