Influential Customers


I got a bunch of cool customers over the last couple of days—namely, Michaela, Grace, and this guy Dominic, who knows Grace and Renee and lives in the same fashion-conscious city as them. Everyone needed new outfits, and I even got to meet Michaela for tea after helping her! There’s just something so satisfying about getting to style my peers.

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Dinner and a Movie


While I was beating around the store today, Harris—remember, the owner of the furniture store?—popped in and asked me to find him a luxury top.  While I was ringing him up, he mentioned going to dinner at the fancy French restaurant above the hotel and told me I should join him before taking his purchase and heading out. Of course, I couldn’t pass up a chance to wear luxury clothes, so I closed up shop in the late afternoon, got ready, and made my way over to the hotel. Dinner was delicious, of course—what else would you expect from this restaurant?—and the dessert was absolutely the crown jewel, with a bunch of strawberries and pillows of whipped cream and this really spongy, fluffy cake.

Plus, I got to dress up a little.

Plus, I got to dress up a little.

It was lovely, albeit a little bit awkward—after all, Harris is more Michaela’s friend and I don’t know him that well, but it was still nice to chat. And really, who would turn down such a nice dinner?

Destination Station


Ran into Emmylou at the Station Plaza today!

Ran into Emmylou at the Station Plaza today!

New Girl in Town


Today, on my way to the Contest Hall to style a model for my second Elite Contest, I had a flash of inspiration and shot a text to my neighbor who lives a couple of apartments down the hall. She’s just as into fashion as I am, and Avery and Michaela didn’t see a problem with us styling something together, so that’s just what we did. It’s too bad my cell ran out of battery halfway through, or I would have gotten a photo of her and her winning model.

Yours Truly, Fashion Superstar


Avery, Michaela, MC Mode, even Emmylou—I had a bunch of peers stopping by my boutique today. Not to buy anything, of course. No, they were there to wish me luck on my foray into a higher level of the fashion world—my first Elite Contest!

Emmylou won one a while back, and tonight it was my turn. I guess the Elite Contest is more important than I first realized, because they wouldn’t let me just leave after I won—I had to walk out there and wave to the audience. It was wonderful, though, and I’m so glad I took the chance and went for it.

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Next up, there are rumors of an International Contest coming to town…Let’s see if I can’t win that, too.

Out at the Opera


More like here, in the opera! Avery’s organizing a soap opera to come to town soon, and she asked me to coordinate costumes for her.

"Would you mind..." "Of course not, Avery!"

“Would you mind…?” “Of course not, Avery!”

 I got to dress Phillip up as a punk bad boy…



…this gal Delores as an über-preppy college student…



…and none other than MC Mode, the host of our local contests, as a smooth-talking good-side twin.


Mellow. What else is there to say?

 Best day I’ve had in the store in a long time.

Emmylou’s Valentine


Today Emmylou showed up at the boutique with Phillip in tow and asked for a casual, feminine dress. When I picked one out for her, she turned to Phillip and was all, “You need to learn, too! Let’s go downtown and people-watch.”

Nice, Emmylou!

Cute, Emmylou!

 So that’s what they did, because I ran into them downtown that night, strolling along and talking about their relationship. Emmylou wants nothing less than expensive salted caramels for Valentine’s Day—something I’ll have to keep in mind if I want to also keep her as a friend! 

None of this cheap chocolate, y’hear?

None of this cheap chocolate, y’hear?


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