Cosplays Recap


Before the month of May evades us, here, for your viewing pleasure, is a quick slideshow of all the cosplays I performed this month. Enjoy!

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Bonus! Bonus!


As a thanks for everyone who checked in throughout my string of cosplays this month, here are some bonuses! I’ve been waiting all month to get to these, so, enjoy.


First up, we have Mary-Katherine (MK) from the movie Epic by Blue Sky Studios…

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…followed by Citrusella Flugpucker from Wreck-It Ralph

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…and ending with Astrid, Hiccup’s pal from How to Train Your Dragon.

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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III


For my final cosplay of the month, I think the title says it all. Here is the hero of How to Train Your Dragon, another excellent movie which I highly recommend. I did my best, but I don’t think my wardrobe was cut out to make me into a Hiccup, or not a very masculine one anyway…But don’t go away, people—I’ll have a bunch (think three in one day) bonus cosplays up in this space sometime tomorrow, so check back soon!


The manly Hiccup…

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Fiesty as a Flower


I’m almost done with May, and with my cosplays—crazy! As we approach the end, I want every one to count, so here’s me as Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled! (Loved that movie, man. Great, great movie.)

Rapunzel_Long hair

Rapunzel with long hair…

Rapunzel_Short hair

…and with short hair…

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Bright and Brave


For Day Eight and the start of my second straight week of cosplays, here is Princess Merdia, not-quite-as-seen in Pixar’s movie Brave. My dress isn’t identical to hers, but it’s close enough for me!


Disney’s 11th official princess…

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And now—drumroll, please—we have Jack Frost, of the movie Rise of the Guardians! I can’t believe the first seven days of cosplaying went by so fast—May is almost over, people. Crazy, right? Also, just pretend I’m not wearing any shoes…

Jack Frost

The guy himself…

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Day Six, and, for your viewing pleasure, here is the female Pokémon trainer from the Gen V games Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. The wiki lists her as being named Hilda and one version of the manga calls her White, but I don’t really like either of those names. Let’s go with Bobbi instead.

Pokemon trainer

Hilda Bobbi herself…

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Hylian Hero


Well, technically she’s a heroine, but I think we can stand to overlook that small detail. For Day Five, here’s Princess Zelda as she appears in the game A Link to the Past.


The princess…

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Defender of the Dawn


For Day Four, let’s have some Fire Emblem love. Here’s Micaiah from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She also appears in a downloadable content pack for the latest series title, Fire Emblem: Awakening.



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Singing Sensation


Here it is, Day Three already. To celebrate, enjoy the company of Hatsune Miku! Of course my hair’s not as long as hers, but even Celeste’s magical scissors have their limits…

Hatsune Miku

My reference…

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