Enter GracieGrace


I got my hands on a new brand yesterday, a brand not normally found in Styleville…


Behold, the exclusive GracieGrace!

Aren’t these pieces just the cutest you ever saw? 


Go on, admit it!

So after admiring myself in the mirror for most of the morning, I finally headed out to take a stroll around town and see if anyone would notice my new outfit. I bumped into this girl Sharon in the park…


Great weather for a walk!

…and then ran into Teagen downtown. 


“Ooh, nice cheekbones on her…”

I even got a chance to help Shea pick a new outfit that would fit a little better with the “street” theme in the store.



In the past couple of days, I also entered two different themes in the Elite Contest, and, naturally, won both of them. It only look three tries for me to get the pop-Japanese style down…


Blue will always do it!

…and of course I had no trouble at all with the “edgy” theme. 


Man, edgy is my jam!

After seeing me sweep it all away, Avery promised to line up some new challenge, and today she and MC Mode dropped by Lilac Breeze to deliver. Apparently I’m up against Emmylou in a forthcoming fashion competition–this should be a lot of fun.


May the best stylist win!


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