Back to Beet-Red Business


It’s been so hot out lately—my face turns bright red as soon as I step out into the sunlight. I’d need some seriously intense blush to replicate the effect indoors, but I like this weather a whole lot more than the January doldrums, that’s for sure! Here’s a recap of my adventures from the past week: enjoy. And then get outside and get some sun!

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Why, Hello, The Internet


I bet you’re all wondering what happened during my overly-prolonged hiatus, huh? Well, not having Internet access will do that to a person. My service died at the beginning of the month, and it took them two whole weeks to get out here and fix it! I ask you, taking that much time to service my home … I’m practically a local celebrity. Come on, guys.

I do have some pictures from earlier in the month, but I wasn’t able to upload them until now. I hope you’ll be willing to overlook the delay and just enjoy the slideshow below! From now on, updates will happen once a week … Well, so long as my Internet doesn’t give out again.

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May in Photos


Here, as always, is my monthly recap—a little bit delayed, a little shorter than usual due to all those cosplay outfits, but still very much here! And, after this, I’m going to take a much-deserved one-week break. In fact, it may end up being a little longer than that, as finals take place the week of the 10th. But in that time, I promise nothing interesting will happen. No going to the boutique. No checking in at the hair salon. No shopping at the Buyer’s Center, makeup studio, or interior design store. Just lots and lots of good old-fashioned homework. Trust me, you won’t be missing anything.

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Hi From a Supreme Stylist


Toward the end of my cosplay runs last month, I jumped on the contest bandwagon and decided to try again at the International level. And, get this—I won! The slideshow below will tell you the rest of the story. All in all, though, I wish I’d dressed up a little more—I was still in my Rapunzel outfit when I walked out to wave to the audience. Oops!

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Summertime it is!


And it’s about time—welcome, warmer weather, welcome, longer days, welcome, warm sunshine! I can’t wait to run all around the town, hit the beaches, lounge alongside the river, catch fireflies at the picnic area, drink tea under the shade of the green, full-grown leaves, eat cake at the cake shop, and, of course, update my closet, makeup arsenal, and apartment with all the latest new summer styles! 


But first things first here—I still have to try out my new bikini!



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