Happy Birthday to Me…♬


So far, my birthday has been fantastic. It started bright and early when I got up, got dressed, and walked down to the boutique. I was expecting, you know, maybe my assistants to say something. I certainly wasn’t expecting this!

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Once everyone had said hello, Michaela and Emmylou gave me a couple of costume pieces from Teatro Amare, and of course I had to go wear them around town. I mean, who wouldn’t want to show off such cool, comfortable, stylish clothes?

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After that, I had just enough time to dash home and change—

into an even more summery outfit!

…into an even more summery outfit!

—before dashing back out and up to meet a friend at the Starry Hill.

“Happy birthday, by the way!”

“Happy birthday, by the way!”

And even though it was pretty late by the time I got done…well, what’s a birthday without cake? Off to the pastry shop! I hope everyone’s day was just as wonderful as mine.

Turning Over a New Leaf


I needed something productive to put my free time toward this summer, and I decided a videogame would be the best way to fill that space. My new cartridge arrived in the mail today, and since I had this piece in my closet, I got a little dressed up for the occasion.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

On to adventure in the wild world of Animal Crossing!

Fun Under the…Stars?


My day was packed with summery stuff today. Around ten I made it down to the beach again, where I met Hilary.


I just love this salty air!


Swimsuit time

And, yup, beach time means swimsuit time…

The day just flew by, as summer days seem to do, and before I knew it, I was sitting down to an absolutely fabulous dinner with another pal from the boutique.


The best part? There was passionfruit sorbet on the dessert menu! (Yay!)

By then it was almost midnight, but I still squeezed in a quick change before meeting Avery at the Starry Hill, out near where the Lavender Fields bloom during spring.

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I was just dazzled by all the stars. So far away from the city, the night sky seems to take on a whole new life! And after all that—and some summer deals at the Buyer’s Center—you can believe I slept like a rock.

Let’s Hit the Beach!


Summer officially started today when I stopped by the local beach this morning. The sun was just coming up, so it wasn’t too hot. The best part was, I got to wear a swimsuit!


You wouldn’t believe how many of these things I have in my closet…

 After that, I spent some time around the store, and met a gal dressed up in a fully traditional kimono! That was something special.


You don’t see clothes like this very often!

 In the evening, I tried my hand at a boho-chic-themed contest … and won, of course.

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Not that my score mattered—the weather alone was enough to make today fantastic. Well, that and my newly decked-out apartment!


According to a magazine I read the other day, orange is in this season, so…


I went pinky-orange for some summertime fun!


Summer = Sun … Dress!


Well, I’ve been bitten by the sewing bug once again. For the past quite a while, I’ve been plugging away at this design, trying to bring it to life. It should be done by this Saturday, and who knows what’ll happen? If it looks even remotely similar to my design, I’ll be happy. Well, okay. It has to be comfortable, too.

Summer sunshine

A cute way to get some summer sunshine!

Time to Go Short


You know me—I find one hairstyle I like, I stick with it. I don’t know how long this one will stay around, but for the time being, I’m going short for the summer!


Aah, too cute!

 After getting my hair done, I took a jog in the park, where I bumped into this gal Jerry Ann, who promised mint tea next time we meet.

Jerry Ann

Her garden’s full of the stuff!

 Daisy’s booth was just a couple of steps away, so I chose green for my color of the day, and guess what herb she named? Mint!


Green…mint…wisdom…your lucky item is soda pop!

 After hearing all that, it was time to go home and settle in over a nice cup of mint tea. 


After turning my décor all-green, of course! …Well, mostly green. It’s the thought that counts.


Happy Fourth!


Or, as everyone says here in the U.S., happy Independence Day! I have fantastic dinner plans for a cookout and movie night at a friend’s house, but first, some patriotism. You’re welcome.

July 4

June in Photos


I don’t want to believe it’s July already, because July means it’s the middle of the summer, which means the summer is halfway over. That’s not cool, man! (No pun intended.) However, July also means the warmest days, the ripest cherries and blueberries and peaches and many other delicious fruits, and the best time to visit the lake. It even means my birthday, which is sort of sad—I’m getting older! Heck, at least I’ll get cake. I’ll live with it. So to usher in the month, let’s usher out the month of June with a bang-up slideshow of my outfits. Yeah, so there aren’t that many of them this time, but they’re all so cute!

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