Let’s Hit the Beach!


Summer officially started today when I stopped by the local beach this morning. The sun was just coming up, so it wasn’t too hot. The best part was, I got to wear a swimsuit!


You wouldn’t believe how many of these things I have in my closet…

 After that, I spent some time around the store, and met a gal dressed up in a fully traditional kimono! That was something special.


You don’t see clothes like this very often!

 In the evening, I tried my hand at a boho-chic-themed contest … and won, of course.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not that my score mattered—the weather alone was enough to make today fantastic. Well, that and my newly decked-out apartment!


According to a magazine I read the other day, orange is in this season, so…


I went pinky-orange for some summertime fun!



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