Happy Birthday to Me…♬


So far, my birthday has been fantastic. It started bright and early when I got up, got dressed, and walked down to the boutique. I was expecting, you know, maybe my assistants to say something. I certainly wasn’t expecting this!

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Once everyone had said hello, Michaela and Emmylou gave me a couple of costume pieces from Teatro Amare, and of course I had to go wear them around town. I mean, who wouldn’t want to show off such cool, comfortable, stylish clothes?

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After that, I had just enough time to dash home and change—

into an even more summery outfit!

…into an even more summery outfit!

—before dashing back out and up to meet a friend at the Starry Hill.

“Happy birthday, by the way!”

“Happy birthday, by the way!”

And even though it was pretty late by the time I got done…well, what’s a birthday without cake? Off to the pastry shop! I hope everyone’s day was just as wonderful as mine.


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