Game Night!


Whew—what a jam-packed day this has been! I got up bright and early to meet a friend at the beach, where we got some sun and talked about dolphins.


“All those teeth—they’d be scary to swim with!”

 Next, I popped into the boutique, where Hazel announced that her part-time graphic design courses start next week! She’ll still hold down her shifts, of course, but it won’t stop me from missing her.


I know she’ll do great, though!

 I even outfitted a couple of customers.


One girl was so hot, she walked out wearing nothing but a swimsuit top!


Then I sold this mannequin outfit…

and saw it walk in on another customer! Crazy, right?

and saw it walk in on another customer! Crazy, right?

To finish the day off, I met Miss Avery at Starry Hill. We had met there to start the summer, and today, it looks like we met up there to close out the summer as well.

In other words: it was fun, but also kind of bittersweet.

In other words: it was fun, but also kind of bittersweet.

 And after all that, I was more than ready to retire to my apartment. 

…where I proceeded to blog (okay, and game) myself to sleep.

…where I proceeded to blog (okay, and game) myself to sleep.

Punching in at Silver


I realize it’s been a while since my last post, but things have just been so busy lately! The boutique is bursting with activity as tourists pass through town on their way to the beach, and all of my store assistants are making plans for the fall, so it might be a little tricky to juggle schedules for a while. But today, something happened that felt like a breath of fresh air—one of my customers hit Silver on her stamp card!

The lady herself!

The lady–Yvonne–herself!

 This is so, so exciting, for a few reasons; 1), it means I have regulars, and 2), it’s never happened before! After getting over the excitement, I decided to go to the Starry Hill with Shandra, where we spent some time staring at the sky. 

And listening to the crickets!

And listening to the crickets! (Boy, were they loud!)


You Call This Summer?


July was great—lots of long nights out under the stars, smelling barbecue smoke at the picnic area, walking along the river, and chatting under the perpetual rainbow in the park. But all of a sudden, these past few days have turned downright chilly. It’s disheartening, to say the least.

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I had so many plans that might now have to fall by the wayside (what if one jar of homemade jam is all I can manage this year?!), including selling out on my summer stock at the boutique! But in the end, Mother Nature’s in the one in charge, right? Ah, well. I guess winning a contest sort of makes up for it.

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July in Photos


Can’t forget my monthly slideshow!

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