Mannequin Mania


I was going to get back into blogging with some much-needed recapping of my memories and photos that have gone begging over the past year or so, but then something else came up, as things tend to do. It’s just this—once I got back to the store and started switching things around… 

I changed the interior, too—do you like it?

I changed the interior, too—do you like it?

…people started coming up to me and asking about the clothes being displayed by my mannequin.

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A lot of these gals were first-time visitors to the boutique, which was pretty exciting in and of itself! After a couple of years, I thought I’d come to know everyone in town, but I guess that’s not the case quite yet.

How was I supposed to say no to so much enthusiasm?

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately—restocking the back room, and selling my mannequin out of ensembles just as fast as I can put them together! Can’t say I have a problem with it, though…

Especially since these gals–and guys–really know how to rock my outfits!


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