Pie, Anyone?


I’ll just start this off by saying: happy Pie Day! Yes, today is Pie Day, in honor of the resemblance of the date to that wonderful number, Pi. I had a really good day today, made better by the fact that the cake shop had a half-off special on slices or whole pies. Guess where I ate breakfast this morning? You’ll never imagine how good a fresh piece of hot blueberry pie with whole berries and whipped cream tastes when eaten at an outdoor table in the warm, springy air…sigh. You couldn’t get a more perfect experience—it was just lovely. After that I was back to business as usual—helping customers, getting my hair done, and hitting the Buyer’s Center to browse through the latest deals. Hope your Pi Day was every bit as delicious as mine!

See, even Phillip likes pie!

See, even Phillip likes pie!



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