Getting It (Adelaide, Pt. 2)

After the whole Adelaide situation got started, I wasn’t quite sure where to turn next. This girl was ready to shut down something that Ricky, Sophie, Callie, myself, and a lot of other people have poured their love and effort into—something that means so much to this city. I couldn’t just stand idly by and watch as she undid all our hard work, so I turned to the first person I could think of: my dear friend and fellow fashionista, Evie. 

Of course she had an idea right away!

Of course she had the perfect idea right away!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but fashion is for everyone—including people like Adelaide, who might not yet be enlightened to that fact. In order to bring her around, Evie got in touch with some of her contacts, and yet another brand booth opened in the Exhibition Hall, catering to people with tastes just like Adelaide’s!

Boy, I can’t wait to do business with you!

Boy, I can’t say how excited I am to do business with you!

Enid Chen offers the very best in high-class fashion…


…as my friends were quick to point out to me.

However, I appreciated their cautions against going all-out—the products are quite pricey!

However, I appreciated their cautions against going all-out—the products are quite pricey!

But worth it, naturally.

But worth it, naturally.

I even liked Kez’s outfit for me so much that I wore it to my next photoshoot!

I even liked Kez’s outfit for me so much that I wore it to my next photoshoot!

Of course, Adelaide wasn’t ready to be impressed immediately… adelaide_23 But even she had to admit that clothes aren’t just clothes after getting a major confidence boost thanks to her newest outfit. adelaide_28
So, with a little help from all of my friends, the fashion contests will start up again very soon. adelaide_29First, thanks to another one of Sophie’s great ideas, I just have to dress up a bunch of extra models to show off my signature style… 

and I can’t wait to get started!

…and I can’t wait to get started!

Tegwyn Time


I had a new customer at Lilac Breeze today—pro photographer Tegwyn!

How exciting!

How exciting!

Of course, she’s been in before, but just to take photographs and never to buy anything. I found her some new shorts and then met her in the park later in the day.

She’s pretty photogenic herself, huh?

She’s pretty photogenic herself, huh?

After that, I did a little shopping for myself—got some new makeup and hit the photo studio to return Tegwyn’s favor of visiting my boutique. And speaking of the boutique, I switched around my store interior and sold some mannequin outfits as a result.


Feelin’ Flirty?


I started my day by playing around with a bold outfit. Naturally, and because it was pouring snow outside, I kept it to a toned-down sort of look, without too much exposed skin. 

Whatever the style, I love prints!

Whatever the style, I love prints!

On my way to work I walked through downtown, where I saw a couple of ladies snapping pictures.

Excuse me, but aren't you freezing in that?

Excuse me, but aren’t you freezing in that?

 They looked vaguely familiar, and then I realized why—I helped them in the store just the other day when I put together a flirty-stle outfit for the girl posing in the pictures. I guess Avalon, with the camera, is working to make her shy and yet undisputedly gorgeous pal June into an Internet fashion sensation.
I spent a little time at the store and browsed through the cosmetics selection before lunch, and that evening I hit the Buyer’s Center once the shop closed up. While I was over on that side of town, I figured I might as well stop by the new furniture store which recently opened up.

Hi, Harris!

Hi, Harris!

It looks great, and I was able to get some new apartment furnishings. I’ve been dying to expand my furniture collection, but once those pieces get delivered, the question becomes not what my living room looks like, but where I’m going to store all this spare furniture when it’s not in use.

New Snow!


It snowed again overnight, and the whole town looked gorgeous with the fresh blanket of white everywhere. I bundled up against the cold in a cute Le Spark-inspired look, but then I decided to go with something a little more basic. After all, that’s really closest to my personal style (although I like to think I can pull off the other styles without a hitch, if I want to).

Here's the flirty outfit...

Here’s the flirty outfit…

...and another, more laid-back look.

…and another, more laid-back look.

 In the store today, I was a little surprised to see Daphne again, but I didn’t have a problem when she announced the upcoming opening of Kanakoi, a brand with looks inspired by fashion from Asia/the Far East. Their stuff just looks too cute to resist, so naturally I ran over there as soon as I could get away. 

Seriously, isn't that adorable?

Seriously, isn’t that adorable?

When I got back to the boutique, India, the waitress at the café, asked if I had any basic-style tights in stock. She’d been in and out a couple of times over the course of the week with the same request, but I hadn’t been able to grant it. This time, though, I was prepared, and India left happy, but not before dropping  a couple of comments about my manager being out and how it must be pretty hard for an assistant like myself to be running the store all by my lonesome. Personally, I found that a little bit offensive—what, was I not managerish enough for her? But Michaela breezed in just as India was leaving, and announced that she was going down to the café a little later in the day. I met her there expecting to share a cuppa, but instead she ended up introducing me to India, who was all, “Whaaaat? You’re managing the boutique now?” 

No way, right!?

No way, right!?

Um, ya think? Look around you, girlfriend—who’s the name on everyone’s lips? It’s not Michaela anymore, is it?

Anyway. Michaela pronounced India and I as being on the way to becoming great friends, and, well, I’ll make an effort for her sake, but it would help if my to-be friend would open her eyes a little bit more. I don’t have anything against her, I’m just—still—a little bit peeved. Once I got over that, though, I looked at my watch and tossed aside all ideas of chillin’ in my apartment or browsing at the Buyer’s Center. It was nighttime, the boutique was going to close up soon, and the Contest Hall was just opening. I squeezed into a preppy-themed contest and gleaned another award to add to my closet.

They give out pieces from a larger overall ensemble as prizes—right now I have two things from the “flight attendant” costume, and a lot more still to go. But with a little luck (and a few more wins!), maybe the next level in the contests will open up to me soon? It’s too bad I can only do one per day…

I’ve Got Style


Today I tried something I’ve never done before—I dressed in the outfit I was wearing outside of Styleville.

Pretty nice, no? No?

Pretty nice, no? No?

 And the best part was, when I wore it out and about, everyone noticed! I got a bunch of complements from my customers (and I even managed to sell similar ensembles to a couple of them). After working the shop for a little while (and selling outfits off of mannequins left and right), I decided to pop by downtown. It was the middle of the day, and I ran into Michaela and Ruby, whose grandmother founded Zhade, taking a stroll after getting lunch. Ruby even complemented my outfit, and promised that a Zhade branch would be opening soon at Styleville’s Buyer’s Center. I, for one, was pretty excited, because a lot of customers have been asking for luxury items lately. As soon as I heard that the branch was officially open, I headed over to pick up some things, and to get their brand rep, Kenna, to give me a taste of Zhade’s style.

That's me, in the lap of luxury!

That’s me, in the lap of luxury!

 I also stopped by Le Spark, another new storefront at the Center, and played it up with their fun, flirty style.

So much pink! Seriously though, Le Spark is the man.

So much pink! Seriously though, Le Spark is the man.

 On my way home, I popped into the hair salon and cosmetics studio to grab a couple of things, and I noticed that a new store had opened up across the street from the Buyer’s Center. Wonder what it is? Well, the important thing is that I got my picture taken downtown and my face in the Street Snaps section of Nuances e-zine, which put a grin on my face when I finally crashed into bed.

Men’s Wear!


Today started out with a bang when I got up bright and early and headed to the park to meet a couple of my customers, Avalon and June, who had come by the store yesterday. I guess Avalon posted a picture of June on her blog to help increase her friend’s confidence, and it seems like my outfit got a great reception from the Internet—hooray! Maybe this will mean more business for us at Mira Luna? 

I mean, come on. Is is a pretty cute outfit.

I mean, come on. Is is a pretty cute outfit.

After that little run-in, I stopped at the Buyer’s Center, where men’s fashions have recently become available! The clothes they offer are really neat, and it was fun meeting the reps for Aeronf and Men’s Wear Ueber Cloth, the only two male brands currently available. Of course, not being able to try on the clothes made me a little bummed, but they still got a model to show me the “look” of the different brands, which made it all worthwhile. 

The rep of the men's contemporary-style brand Aeronef!

The rep of the men’s contemporary-style brand Aéronef!

So once I’d purchased some men’s wear, I headed over to Lilac Breeze, where Michaela met me to tell me about options for clearing out my storeroom by having sales and things. And when she left, this guy Phillip showed up. He’s a friend of Emmylou’s, and we’d met once before, but now he was asking me if I could put together an outfit for a job interview for him! I said yes, of course, and had a lot of fun picking things for him to wear.

The finished product!

The finished product!

 Later in the day, I met him and his interviewer at the café, where he was quickly offered the job.

No doubt partly thanks to my marvelous outfit!

No doubt partly thanks to my marvelous outfit!

I was really happy for him, and I’m definitely looking forward to helping more men dress their best in the future! Honestly, I think men’s fashion is more interesting than women’s fashion sometimes…

Try It On For Size


The other day I got my hair done at Celeste’s Salon for the very first time. Today, my face got a turn being pampered when I stopped into Ingrid’s cosmetics store, which had its grand re-opening yesterday!

Let's hear it for cosmetics!

Let’s hear it for cosmetics!

I tried on a bunch of things and then got my hair done (again–see above).

A couple of days ago I also swung by the café, where I met this guy Cecil, and I ran into him again downtown today, where he complimented my outfit! 

Aw, that's really sweet of you!

Aw, that’s really sweet of you!

On a later stop downtown, I also met this guy Rocco, who speaks about himself in the third person and is apparently the son of the Phoenix of Fashion, whoever that is…

The fashion-fabulous Rocco.

The fashion-fabulous Rocco.

Michaela stopped by my shop to tell me about a cell phone app which lets me access the Online Fashion Plaza. She also gave me a mannequin, which I’m letting Shea take care of dressing (once I’ve coordinated the outfit, of course). Those things creep me out. Still, right after we put it up in the window, someone stopped by and snatched the clothes off it! Seriously, like one second later. It was awesome.


The brands SoyMilk and Marble Lily also arrived at the Buyer’s Center today, after Daphne came by and asked which brand I’d like to see next. Once they were set up, I popped in and said hello and bought a lot of stuff from reps Marigold and Lisa—shopping is just too much fun to resist!

A luxury brand called Zhade is also going to be setting up shop in town soon—I met the granddaughter of the company’s founder downtown, where she was talking to Michaela about how Zhade would help make our fashionable town even more fashionable. 

Cutting-edge luxury--the perfect addition to any wardrobe!

Cutting-edge luxury fashions–I can’t wait!

I even found this coat that looks almost like my favorite coat outside of Styleville—I love it!! 

Warm, elegant, and best of all, fashionable!

Warm, elegant, and best of all, fashionable!

Plus, I opened up shop in the Fashion Plaza! My code is S53B45B28, so feel free to drop by and say hi.

To top it all off, Michaela called later and told me to meet her at the dome that’s been constructed in town in the evening. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but when I arrived, Michaela and Avery announced that this was the first of many fashion contests the town will be experiencing! Emmylou was entering, so I went backstage to say hi. And, get this—her outfit won! Once the contest was over, I followed everyone to the hottest ritzy-n-glitzy downtown hotel for the after party, where I got to talk to Emmylou and her model.

All in all, I had an awesome day here in Styleville, and I can’t wait until the contests open up to anyone who’s interested, because guess who is interested? That’s right—me. I can’t wait to win!

Like My New ‘Do?


I started the day off with a bang by sleeping in. Sleeping way, way in. With the grand re-opening of Mira Luna as Lilac Breeze yesterday, I was on my toes from early morning until after midnight. Shea and I were too excited and having way too much fun to close up shop, and besides, we just kept getting customers, even after two a.m. Um, yeah, I was up that late. When my alarm went off at eight this morning, I hit the snooze button, sent Shea a text telling her to open the shop by herself today, and then rolled over and went back to sleep for a while. When I finally woke up, it was after noon. Like, late afternoon. I felt a little bad about asking Shea to take care of things so much today, but it didn’t stop me from taking a long shower, making oatmeal for breakfast (more like dinner), and lounging around in pajamas for another good hour before finally getting dressed and heading out. 

My first stop today was the Buyer’s Center, because I had a message on my phone letting me know that a new storefront for Marzipan Sky would be opening up today! It’s managed by Karly, who promptly outfitted me in their trademarked girly style.



I bought a bunch of things, because they were all too cute to resist! After visiting Cantata Modo as well, I stopped at the park, where I met Daisy, who runs a flower booth and was all too happy to tell my fortune based on my favorite color. I said blue because I was wearing a lot of it that day, and she said that made me a constant, a person to be relied upon and trusted, a person who’s always there for friends and family who need her. Hearing that put me in the perfect mood for helping some customers, so I thanked her and finally headed on over to the shop. Shea wouldn’t hear my apologies, and honestly, she’d done a great job of taking care of things while I lazed around during the morning. I jumped in and helped a few customers, and then I noticed a couple of girls standing around outside. When I went out to talk to them, they told me that Celeste’s hair salon was up and running! It was already close to eight, so we closed up in time for me to make one more before heading home.

Thanks for the intel, girls!

Thanks for the intel, girls!

The salon looks so, so good. And, it being the first time I’ve gotten my hair done properly in months, I had to go for the whole works. I’d been craving a bit of blue in my ‘do, so I tried it out…and decided I didn’t like it. So I went back to change my highlights, and back again to change the style, and back again to browse eyebrow options. I think I blew over $600 today on having Celeste wave her magic scissors and make my hair grow longer in seconds, but it was so worth it. Can’t wait until the new styles start coming in and I have even more hair options to blow my hard-earned cash on!


And when I got home, Deliveryman Brad made another perfectly-timed appearance to deliver my latest Buyer’s Center purchases. Honestly, how does he do it?

All About Emmylou


Today was full of all sorts of new styles—punk, princess, feminine, and more. But first things first: let’s start where I started my day—at the Buyer’s Center! In the morning I got a notice on my phone saying that there were two new stores opening at the Buyer’s Center, namely Über Cloth and Stage Dive. So I checked them out on my way to work, and reps Penny and Ginger lost no time putting together outfits for me to try on.

After that, I made a quick stop at the café before going to Mira Luna, where the first thing I noticed was Emmylou’s new hairstyle! Apparently she got it done by Celeste, who’s planning to open a hair salon in town soon. Michaela dressed Emmylou in a princess-style outfit to match her new hair, and then got to help out the first couple I’ve seen come into the store!

Aren't they perfect together? <3

Aren’t they perfect together? ❤

And when I stopped at my apartment later, deliveryman Brad was there with my new stuff from the Buyer’s Center.

Back at Mira Luna, Emmylou asked me for a “feminine” outfit, which I tried to match to her hairstyle, and then we went out for a walk in the park.

Isn't that a cute look for her?

Such a cute look for her!

I helped a couple more customers, using a new “try it on right away!” suggestion that Michaela introduced me to, and then it was time to close up. My boss pulled me aside before we left, and she and Emmylou explained that my co-worker is going to be moving on in the world of style to work as a full-time stylist. I can’t say I won’t miss her, but I am happy for her—best of luck, Emmylou!

Welcome to the Buyer’s Center!


Happy New Year! My New Year’s Day was absolutely packed, and I wasn’t exactly at full energy thanks to the fireworks that kept going off between midnight and two in the morning. As I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day, Emmylou stopped by and dropped off a package of clothes! It was a gift from Michaela, who encourages us, as walking representatives of Mira Luna, to always look our best. Of course, I already had a modest selection of items from my time in town, but it was nice to get some new additions to my wardrobe! There were pieces from a bunch of different brands, so I played around with my outfit for a while. I was also able to redesign my apartment interior—my options are pretty limited, but I at least swapped out the wallpaper before heading to the boutique.

See? Purple!

See? Purple!

My shift started with a request for a “pop” style skirt from a new customer, but unfortunately we were all out. However, Daphne, another of Michaela’s fashion-world comrades, stepped in right around then, and she offered to give me an intro to the process of restocking. The two of us headed over to the Buyer’s Center, where Daphne works and where Michaela, Emmylou or I can go to purchase new clothes if our stock starts getting low.

My first look at the Buyer's Center.

My first look at the Buyer’s Center.

I was only looking for one specific item, so we went to the Mint Sprinkles store, where Connie, the brand representative, outfitted me in an all-pop ensemble. It was…um…bright. And yellow. And really freakin’ adorable.

I love pop!

Me and Connie! I love Mint Sprinkles.

Anyway, once I’d purchased the items I needed, I went back to Mira Luna and served a couple of customers before it was time to close up shop. But Emmylou didn’t have a key and neither did I, and Michaela had just stepped out to go meet Avery. Fortunately, I found them at the café right around the corner, and then Avery started talking about—contests?

Avery and Michaela, but more importantly, the way-adorable cafe!

Avery and Michaela, but more importantly, the way-adorable cafe!

She left before I could really ask what she meant, and by then it was pretty late, so I headed on home, where, as I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I had one last surprise. This guy Brad stopped by to deliver my purchases from the Buyer’s Center, because every time I shop there, I get the items I bought delivered to my personal closet! After a minute spent browsing the new arrivals, I hit the hay. All in all, an awesome first day of 2013.


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