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Wow, so much has happened here in Beaumonde City—in just the past few months, the place has gone from a cute little borough to a booming world of fashion, and I’ve been right there at the middle of it all. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the time to so much as think about writing until today. That’s because we’ve just wrapped up the second of Beaumonde’s fashion contests, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way they each turned out!

When Ricky, Sophie, and Callie first approached me about participating, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Sophia and Callie were especially surprised when Rickey said we’d be the ones modeling!


But with a little convincing, we were all ready to give it a try.

The most fun, of course, is trying to sell tickets…

The most fun, of course, is trying to sell tickets…

Our first contest’s theme was Girly, so I put together ensembles for Sophie, Callie, and of course myself.

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Everyone was thrilled with the way things turned out, of course!

Everyone was thrilled with the way things turned out, of course!

Then it was on me to keep counting ticket sales and working to fill that huge arena for a second time.

When I got the email, I ran straight over!

When I got the email, I ran straight over!

Words just can’t describe the thrill of walking through that door.

Words just can’t describe the thrill of walking through that door.

Our theme this time was just…cool.

Like, just be cool.

Like, just be cool.

No big deal, right?

No big deal, right?

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Once again, the contest was a huge success, and I’ve heard nothing but praise from fans and customers ever since.

What did I tell you? One day I knew I’d be on that bulletin board!

What did I tell you? One day I knew I’d be on that bulletin board!

Get Your Solstice On


Happy Winter Solstice, everybody! The day was so short that I hardly wanted to get out of bed… 

Lounging around the house sounds pretty appealing on a day like this!

Lounging around the house sounds pretty appealing on a day like this!

…but I had to get myself downtown. I’d promised a customer from the day before that I’d meet her at the amusement park before the morning ended!

"I can ride the merry-go-round in just about any weather, y’know?"

“I can ride the merry-go-round in just about any weather, y’know?”

And when I got back to the store, once again, outfits were just flying off that popular mannequin of mine.

Can you say “adorable”?

That evening—which really felt like nighttime the moment the sun started to set—I headed over to the contest hall to try my hand at the International Contest’s cash prize. Guess my model and I weren’t quite up to snuff, though, since we only came in second…

Maybe it wasn’t “wintery” enough?

Maybe it wasn’t “wintery” enough?

Oh, and let’s not forget who got featured in today’s StreetSnaps digest…

That’s right, yours truly!

That’s right, yours truly!

So all in all, aside from it being pretty dark and cold out all day, my Solstice rocked!

Suddenly Stylish


It’s been months since I’d attempted an entry in the International Contest, or any fashion contest here in town, for that matter. I’ve had mixed successes with the International Contest in the past, and was stuck on one particular theme for so long that I almost threw in the towel. But earlier this month, I decided to give it another shot—just one more time. And, with the perfect outfit, I…



Well, after that victory, you better believe I gave it another go—and another, and another after that! Putting time and care into my outfit choices seemed to really wow the judges, because they handed out trophies and prizes from the exclusive brand Teatro Amare like I was some sort of fashion prodigy. And according to Avery, that’s actually what I am…

No one has ever won all of the themes before! Girlfriend, what ARE you?!

NO ONE has EVER won ALL of the themes before! Girlfriend, what ARE you?!

I have to say, it feels pretty good to not only have won the International Contest once or twice, but to have crushed it, to have complete and utter victory over it. I got to work with some of the top models in the business…


…and to attend the most posh after-party that I think I’ve ever been to.

Yes, that's right--it felt FABULOUS!

Yes, that’s right–it felt FABULOUS!

On to International


I had a jam-packed day yesterday, starting when I met customer Rebekah at the Lavender Fields. 


I love this place—it just smells so great out here!

I then hit the Teahouse with Daphne… 


We got tea and sweet crepes—that’s my kind of lunch.

…got my hair done, and redecorated my apartment to match my outfit.

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Then it was time to head to the contest hall, where my fate in fashion awaited me.

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Believe it or not, I got 4th! Emmylou placed 2nd, and her outfit didn’t even fit the theme.


“Guess we’ve both got some bigger fish to fry…”

Ah, well. That’s that, and there will always be other opportunities. I cheered myself up by choosing an outfit for Hazel, who’s now a regular customer…


…and who loves flirty stuff!

Then I went home and chose a new outfit for myself…


One at the perfect comfort-level for pajamas. Good night!

Yours Truly, Fashion Superstar


Avery, Michaela, MC Mode, even Emmylou—I had a bunch of peers stopping by my boutique today. Not to buy anything, of course. No, they were there to wish me luck on my foray into a higher level of the fashion world—my first Elite Contest!

Emmylou won one a while back, and tonight it was my turn. I guess the Elite Contest is more important than I first realized, because they wouldn’t let me just leave after I won—I had to walk out there and wave to the audience. It was wonderful, though, and I’m so glad I took the chance and went for it.

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Next up, there are rumors of an International Contest coming to town…Let’s see if I can’t win that, too.

My Second Contest


My day started out with some low-key closet browsing. Because, let’s face it—for the past almost-month I’ve been in Styleville, I’ve done a ton of shopping, and I have a whole mess of stuff. Honestly, where the heck do I even keep it all, and more importantly, how do I keep it straight? Answer: Hours spent organizing, and the fact that I turned my apartment’s dining room into a closet. I just wish the Buyer’s Center provided free hangers along with the things I purchase…After putting together an outfit to match my hair, I headed out. Then, you know, hit the store, hit the Buyer’s Center, all that good stuff. I popped by the park mid-day and ran into one of my customers, who was busy snapping some pictures—she got a great one of us!



 Later Daphne stopped by Lilac Breeze and asked for my opinion in picking out a new brand to come to Styleville’s Buyer’s Center. Of course, I was more than happy to help, and as a result, [] opened its doors today! [photos]
I also got a new assistant—her name’s Dierdee, and while she gets about as much done as Shea (aka nothing), it’s nice to have a fresh face around in the store. 

And, y'know, it's fun not having to check everyone out myself...

And, y’know, it’s fun not having to ring up everyone myself…

After hiring a new employee and working in the store all day, I was ready to do something fun for myself. Once it got dark out, I headed home, changed into an up-scale Zhade outfit, and hit the contest hall, where…wait for it…I swept the competition! Check out my photos…

…pretty sweet, huh? The after-party was fun, too, and the éclairs were absolutely to die for. I mean, they were just sitting out there, practically asking to be eaten…

My First Contest!


Last night was IT, you guys—the big break I’ve been waiting and waiting for! It was the first time contests opened to the public, and of course I figured I might as well go strut my stuff. Avery met me at the entrance to the contest hall, and with a little shoving and elbow-jostling, managed to secure the fourth and final spot in the contest for yours truly. After I was signed up, she showed me around backstage…

See, backstage...!

See, backstage…!

…where I picked a model before getting to work styling an outfit, and choosing a hairdo and new makeup! It was a bunch of fun, and then the four models all hit the catwalk.

It was really inspiring and kind of a breath of fresh air for me, seeing the other stylists’ take on the contest theme. And then came the judging…and results put me and my model in the top spot! I couldn’t believe it, and I don’t think she could, either. When the contest was all over, I headed to the hotel for the after party, where I showed off my carefully selected Cantata Modo outfit and chatted with a couple of guys. After saying hi to Avery, I took a look at my phone and decided I’d better get home before the sun started rising. Imagine my surprise the next morning, though, when my face—my face—greeted me as soon as I opened the latest edition of e-magazine Nuances my on phone! All in all, a great first venture into the world of contests. I can’t wait to do it all again soon!


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