How Much Can You Do in a Day?


A LOT, it actually turns out! Over the course of my first day in Beaumonde City, I encountered so many wonderful new friends and amazing new experiences, not least of which was the process of entering Beaumonde itself. I’ve been writing and dreaming about it all these months like it was a place I could really up and move to, but instead, it turns out to be a sort of dolls’ world, hidden in the back of a dollhouse that belonged to my grandmother. That’s right—she left me the magical key, and a couple of days ago, I decided to open the door. 


Just go with it—after all, I didn’t see any reason not to, and look where it got me!

What I found was a beautiful, perfect little fashion-forward world full of girls just like me—the kind of young women who want to leave their mark on the world around them by expressing themselves through their own unique sense of style. Not least of these is the lovely Sophie…


She’s the one who stepped out of the door onto my side, and offered her hand to help me through.


I had to create a “doll” version of myself first, of course—I’d never have fit otherwise!

It seems my grandmother was at least partly responsible for creating this place—she and Sophie’s grandmother used to be close friends, and, in their time, the head fashionistas of this city. The fashion craze seems to have fallen a bit by the wayside now, but that didn’t stop me from stepping right up to the plate when Sophie asked me to become the new manager of her boutique! 


I mean, how could I say no to working in a place like THIS?!?

The door home—to my boutique and my quiet life in Styleville—is always there for me in the back room, in case I want to step out for a minute; I’ve still got the key, of course. But for the time being, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be staying here. 


With so much to explore, I’m not sure where to begin…


I just know that I can’t WAIT to go along for the ride.


And to one day become as well-renowned and gorgeous as Callie, current reigning model in this city…SIGH.


But for the time being, it’s my home-away-from-home…


And I love it here!


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