Getting It (Adelaide, Pt. 2)

After the whole Adelaide situation got started, I wasn’t quite sure where to turn next. This girl was ready to shut down something that Ricky, Sophie, Callie, myself, and a lot of other people have poured their love and effort into—something that means so much to this city. I couldn’t just stand idly by and watch as she undid all our hard work, so I turned to the first person I could think of: my dear friend and fellow fashionista, Evie. 

Of course she had an idea right away!

Of course she had the perfect idea right away!

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but fashion is for everyone—including people like Adelaide, who might not yet be enlightened to that fact. In order to bring her around, Evie got in touch with some of her contacts, and yet another brand booth opened in the Exhibition Hall, catering to people with tastes just like Adelaide’s!

Boy, I can’t wait to do business with you!

Boy, I can’t say how excited I am to do business with you!

Enid Chen offers the very best in high-class fashion…


…as my friends were quick to point out to me.

However, I appreciated their cautions against going all-out—the products are quite pricey!

However, I appreciated their cautions against going all-out—the products are quite pricey!

But worth it, naturally.

But worth it, naturally.

I even liked Kez’s outfit for me so much that I wore it to my next photoshoot!

I even liked Kez’s outfit for me so much that I wore it to my next photoshoot!

Of course, Adelaide wasn’t ready to be impressed immediately… adelaide_23 But even she had to admit that clothes aren’t just clothes after getting a major confidence boost thanks to her newest outfit. adelaide_28
So, with a little help from all of my friends, the fashion contests will start up again very soon. adelaide_29First, thanks to another one of Sophie’s great ideas, I just have to dress up a bunch of extra models to show off my signature style… 

and I can’t wait to get started!

…and I can’t wait to get started!

Time to Go Short


You know me—I find one hairstyle I like, I stick with it. I don’t know how long this one will stay around, but for the time being, I’m going short for the summer!


Aah, too cute!

 After getting my hair done, I took a jog in the park, where I bumped into this gal Jerry Ann, who promised mint tea next time we meet.

Jerry Ann

Her garden’s full of the stuff!

 Daisy’s booth was just a couple of steps away, so I chose green for my color of the day, and guess what herb she named? Mint!


Green…mint…wisdom…your lucky item is soda pop!

 After hearing all that, it was time to go home and settle in over a nice cup of mint tea. 


After turning my décor all-green, of course! …Well, mostly green. It’s the thought that counts.


Hi From a Supreme Stylist


Toward the end of my cosplay runs last month, I jumped on the contest bandwagon and decided to try again at the International level. And, get this—I won! The slideshow below will tell you the rest of the story. All in all, though, I wish I’d dressed up a little more—I was still in my Rapunzel outfit when I walked out to wave to the audience. Oops!

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Cool as a Koi Fish


I started the day with a cute shirt from Kanokoi, and the breezy little koi pattern put a smile on my face first thing this morning. I grabbed an energy bar and power-walked over to the amusement park to meet a customer…

She still hasn’t found her soulmate, poor thing!

She still hasn’t found her soulmate, poor thing.

…and then said hello to Paige, head singer for tonight’s local concert. 

Sweet, I’m in the presence of a rock star!

Sweet, I’m in the presence of a rock star!

I also reinstalled Shea as my store assistant, and outfitted her to match! 

Isn’t her hairstyle lovely for this?

Isn’t her hairstyle lovely for this?

I think I’m done moving things for the rest of the month—as far as I’m concerned, the store can stay like this for a good long while.

Emmylou’s Valentine


Today Emmylou showed up at the boutique with Phillip in tow and asked for a casual, feminine dress. When I picked one out for her, she turned to Phillip and was all, “You need to learn, too! Let’s go downtown and people-watch.”

Nice, Emmylou!

Cute, Emmylou!

 So that’s what they did, because I ran into them downtown that night, strolling along and talking about their relationship. Emmylou wants nothing less than expensive salted caramels for Valentine’s Day—something I’ll have to keep in mind if I want to also keep her as a friend! 

None of this cheap chocolate, y’hear?

None of this cheap chocolate, y’hear?

February in Photos


Some leftover bits ‘n’ pieces from my visits to Teagan’s photo studio over the course of the month. (Toward the end, I got really hooked on this short-hair style…) Enjoy!

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First Day at Mira Luna


My first day on the job was certainly interesting. The day started out with me meeting Emmylou, Michaela’s other part-time sales assistant. She also works as a freelance stylist a few days a week, and I like her already—she’s so friendly and fun to be around.

My new co-worker, Emmylou!

My new co-worker, Emmylou!

She let me help most of the customers who came in, even though I am, as I was reminded several times today, the “newbie.” Still, a newbie can please customers, too, especially with people as knowledgeable as Michaela and Emmylou to offer background advice!

My first customer...

My first customer…

...and the casual dress I chose for her.

…and the casual dress I chose for her.

With some tips from my more experienced coworkers, I got an introduction to layering tops and matching different “tastes” by looking at the brands that went with them. I filled in some new Style Index items on my phone as well—what a handy little thing to have! With this app, I can always check if I forget which brand is which taste, etc. Toward the end of my shift, Avery, a former model, stopped in to say hi. Apparently she and Michaela go way back, and according to Emmylou, she’s really picky and hard to please, but she liked the bag I chose for her! That made my day, and Michaela closed up shop on a high note. I headed back to my apartment, heated up some vegetable soup for dinner, took a quick shower, and crashed.

Yum, soup!

Yum, soup!

I love working at Mira Luna, though—even if it’s tiring, there are so many new faces, and I’ve already met some higher-ups in the fashion industry. Just on day one! Why didn’t I look around for this kind of job opportunity last year?


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