Be Hair Now


As I mentioned in my last post, there’s this girl Callie here in town, and she’s an idol to most budding fashionistas who live here. And as I discovered today, some fans will go to greater lengths than others…


“You know, I just don’t think the pose is quite right! Why can’t I seem to capture that pure essence of cool?!”

 Such as this girl Xiaoling, a new acquaintance who quickly became a walking advertising campaign after she roped me in to helping her look like Callie! 


“I like it, but something’s still missing…”

While she approved of the “bold” outfit I put together for her, it still wasn’t enough to get her the look she’d been dreaming of. After a chat over coffee at the neighborhood café, Xiaoling and I came to the conclusion that there’s always more to an outfit than just the clothes… 


Of course—the hair and makeup!!

The beautician’s and hair salon here in town are fairly basic in their offerings, so when Xiaoling burst in demanding makeup that matched a photo, Arabella, the store owner, didn’t know what to do. 


“Susan, I—I’m so sorry, but—could you handle this?!”


Turns out I’m not too bad at doing makeup…


Or styling hair, for that matter!

After Xiaoling’s transformation, everyone wanted to try my new services. Arabella and Noor–the owner of the hair salon–were more than happy to have me come by to take on clients. 


And I have to say, there’s something about wielding a comb and scissors…

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…that just makes me feel alive! (New hair, anyone?!?)

December in Photos

Sorry for the delay in putting this up! Instead of my usual monthly summary of the outfits I wore (though don’t worry, that’s in here too—scroll to the bottom!), I’m going to go over all the fun things that happened to me over the course of my holidays, but that never quite made it onto the blog!

1. Reed!
There was that time when he invited me out to the Photo Studio…

Actually, it happened twice!

Actually, it happened twice!

Hmm…trying to tell me something, Reed?

Hmm…trying to tell me something, Reed?

Well, at least we made some photos and fun memories!

Well, at least we made some photos and fun memories!

Gotta say, I’m grateful to that dude. He dragged me out of the store on a day when I seriously needed some fresh air!

2. Cake!
I met a couple of customers/friends at the cake shop a while back, and enjoyed a delicious snack break with them.

“Cake is one of my favorite things, y’know! But…”

“Cake is one of my favorite things, y’know! But…”

“Well, I’m a little annoyed! Susan, he won’t buy me the 10 fruitcakes I came for.”

“Well, I’m a little annoyed! Susan, he won’t buy me the 10 fruitcakes I came for.”

Sometimes girls just gotta have their cake, and boys just don’t understand that, am I right?

3. Makeovers!
I got to spend some quality girl time with the amazingly talented gals (and guys!)

"Now just sit back..."

“Now just sit back…”



"...there, didn’t I tell you you’d love it?"

“…there, didn’t I tell you you’d love it?”

4. Outfits!
My favorite thing to do is put together outfits, obviously—it’s why I’m in this business!—but what tops even that is putting together outfits for the people I really care about. I got to do that a couple of times this month, for both Michaela and Daphne, two lovely ladies I look up to a whole lot. The best part was, they both could not have loved my selections any more than they did!

“I can’t wait to wear this to work!”

“I can’t wait to wear this to work!”

“Actually, it’s too cute for work. Let’s get our picture taken instead!”

“Actually, it’s too cute for work. Let’s get our picture taken instead!”

“Susan, would you believe it if I told you I have a…date…with this guy?!”

“Susan, would you believe it if I told you I have a…date, with…this guy?!”

"I knew you would!"

“I knew you’d say yes!”

“And wouldn’t you know it—your outfit made the evening!”

“And wouldn’t you know it—your outfit made the evening!”

5. Monthly slideshow!
As promised, here are some shots of my favorite outfits from last month. Enjoy!

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As always, thanks for reading. And get excited, because my move to Beaumonde city keeps getting closer and closer! Right now, it’s looking like I’ll get there sometime in May. That’s a lot of time, but also not a lot of time! And I promise to keep blogging about it right on through.

On to International


I had a jam-packed day yesterday, starting when I met customer Rebekah at the Lavender Fields. 


I love this place—it just smells so great out here!

I then hit the Teahouse with Daphne… 


We got tea and sweet crepes—that’s my kind of lunch.

…got my hair done, and redecorated my apartment to match my outfit.

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Then it was time to head to the contest hall, where my fate in fashion awaited me.

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Believe it or not, I got 4th! Emmylou placed 2nd, and her outfit didn’t even fit the theme.


“Guess we’ve both got some bigger fish to fry…”

Ah, well. That’s that, and there will always be other opportunities. I cheered myself up by choosing an outfit for Hazel, who’s now a regular customer…


…and who loves flirty stuff!

Then I went home and chose a new outfit for myself…


One at the perfect comfort-level for pajamas. Good night!

I’ve Got Style


Today I tried something I’ve never done before—I dressed in the outfit I was wearing outside of Styleville.

Pretty nice, no? No?

Pretty nice, no? No?

 And the best part was, when I wore it out and about, everyone noticed! I got a bunch of complements from my customers (and I even managed to sell similar ensembles to a couple of them). After working the shop for a little while (and selling outfits off of mannequins left and right), I decided to pop by downtown. It was the middle of the day, and I ran into Michaela and Ruby, whose grandmother founded Zhade, taking a stroll after getting lunch. Ruby even complemented my outfit, and promised that a Zhade branch would be opening soon at Styleville’s Buyer’s Center. I, for one, was pretty excited, because a lot of customers have been asking for luxury items lately. As soon as I heard that the branch was officially open, I headed over to pick up some things, and to get their brand rep, Kenna, to give me a taste of Zhade’s style.

That's me, in the lap of luxury!

That’s me, in the lap of luxury!

 I also stopped by Le Spark, another new storefront at the Center, and played it up with their fun, flirty style.

So much pink! Seriously though, Le Spark is the man.

So much pink! Seriously though, Le Spark is the man.

 On my way home, I popped into the hair salon and cosmetics studio to grab a couple of things, and I noticed that a new store had opened up across the street from the Buyer’s Center. Wonder what it is? Well, the important thing is that I got my picture taken downtown and my face in the Street Snaps section of Nuances e-zine, which put a grin on my face when I finally crashed into bed.

Whose Assistant?


When I opened up shop this morning, one of my first customers was this gal Tristain, who asked me to find her a feminine, mature-looking coat or piece of outerwear.

No wonder, right? She’s got to be cold in that outfit!

No wonder, right? She’s got to be cold in that outfit!

 She snapped up the first thing I suggested, and then told me she was planning to apply for an assistant position at Ingrid’s cosmetics studio! As soon as I had a free minute, I told Shea to watch out for the shop and ran over to see how things turned out for Tristain. Answer? Ingrid has a new assistant! 

It's so cool to see our businesses expanding like this!

It’s so cool to see our businesses expanding like this!

Later that same day, a girl who came in told me that she got her hair done by Celeste’s new assistant.  I had just gotten a brand-new hairstyle that I picked out myself…

Pretty cute, right? Oh, and do you like Tristain's makeup job?

Pretty cute, right? Oh, and do you like Tristain’s makeup job? And that’s Xander in the background.

 …but it was worth getting a new ‘do to meet this guy. He’s super-nice, really outgoing and friendly, and he did my hair in the cutest style! 

Matches my makeup perfectly, doesn’t it?

Matches my makeup perfectly, doesn’t it?

I headed back to the shop then, and while I was going through the back room, I found a bunch of options for interior and exterior remodeling. I’d been getting a bit bored of the same-old-same-old inside the store, so I mixed things up a bit with a new interior and a completely restyled exterior, as well as a new men’s mannequin. The theme for the interior and exterior pieces I picked was “simple,” but my customers kept asking me for “pop” clothes…maybe I’ll have to remodel again soon? (Oh, good!) On my way out later that night, I saw a guy admiring the mannequin I’d put together, but I didn’t have time to help him because it was past closing time and Shea and I both had to get home. 

You’re welcome to come back tomorrow, of course!

You’re welcome to come back tomorrow, of course!

Try It On For Size


The other day I got my hair done at Celeste’s Salon for the very first time. Today, my face got a turn being pampered when I stopped into Ingrid’s cosmetics store, which had its grand re-opening yesterday!

Let's hear it for cosmetics!

Let’s hear it for cosmetics!

I tried on a bunch of things and then got my hair done (again–see above).

A couple of days ago I also swung by the café, where I met this guy Cecil, and I ran into him again downtown today, where he complimented my outfit! 

Aw, that's really sweet of you!

Aw, that’s really sweet of you!

On a later stop downtown, I also met this guy Rocco, who speaks about himself in the third person and is apparently the son of the Phoenix of Fashion, whoever that is…

The fashion-fabulous Rocco.

The fashion-fabulous Rocco.

Michaela stopped by my shop to tell me about a cell phone app which lets me access the Online Fashion Plaza. She also gave me a mannequin, which I’m letting Shea take care of dressing (once I’ve coordinated the outfit, of course). Those things creep me out. Still, right after we put it up in the window, someone stopped by and snatched the clothes off it! Seriously, like one second later. It was awesome.


The brands SoyMilk and Marble Lily also arrived at the Buyer’s Center today, after Daphne came by and asked which brand I’d like to see next. Once they were set up, I popped in and said hello and bought a lot of stuff from reps Marigold and Lisa—shopping is just too much fun to resist!

A luxury brand called Zhade is also going to be setting up shop in town soon—I met the granddaughter of the company’s founder downtown, where she was talking to Michaela about how Zhade would help make our fashionable town even more fashionable. 

Cutting-edge luxury--the perfect addition to any wardrobe!

Cutting-edge luxury fashions–I can’t wait!

I even found this coat that looks almost like my favorite coat outside of Styleville—I love it!! 

Warm, elegant, and best of all, fashionable!

Warm, elegant, and best of all, fashionable!

Plus, I opened up shop in the Fashion Plaza! My code is S53B45B28, so feel free to drop by and say hi.

To top it all off, Michaela called later and told me to meet her at the dome that’s been constructed in town in the evening. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but when I arrived, Michaela and Avery announced that this was the first of many fashion contests the town will be experiencing! Emmylou was entering, so I went backstage to say hi. And, get this—her outfit won! Once the contest was over, I followed everyone to the hottest ritzy-n-glitzy downtown hotel for the after party, where I got to talk to Emmylou and her model.

All in all, I had an awesome day here in Styleville, and I can’t wait until the contests open up to anyone who’s interested, because guess who is interested? That’s right—me. I can’t wait to win!

Like My New ‘Do?


I started the day off with a bang by sleeping in. Sleeping way, way in. With the grand re-opening of Mira Luna as Lilac Breeze yesterday, I was on my toes from early morning until after midnight. Shea and I were too excited and having way too much fun to close up shop, and besides, we just kept getting customers, even after two a.m. Um, yeah, I was up that late. When my alarm went off at eight this morning, I hit the snooze button, sent Shea a text telling her to open the shop by herself today, and then rolled over and went back to sleep for a while. When I finally woke up, it was after noon. Like, late afternoon. I felt a little bad about asking Shea to take care of things so much today, but it didn’t stop me from taking a long shower, making oatmeal for breakfast (more like dinner), and lounging around in pajamas for another good hour before finally getting dressed and heading out. 

My first stop today was the Buyer’s Center, because I had a message on my phone letting me know that a new storefront for Marzipan Sky would be opening up today! It’s managed by Karly, who promptly outfitted me in their trademarked girly style.



I bought a bunch of things, because they were all too cute to resist! After visiting Cantata Modo as well, I stopped at the park, where I met Daisy, who runs a flower booth and was all too happy to tell my fortune based on my favorite color. I said blue because I was wearing a lot of it that day, and she said that made me a constant, a person to be relied upon and trusted, a person who’s always there for friends and family who need her. Hearing that put me in the perfect mood for helping some customers, so I thanked her and finally headed on over to the shop. Shea wouldn’t hear my apologies, and honestly, she’d done a great job of taking care of things while I lazed around during the morning. I jumped in and helped a few customers, and then I noticed a couple of girls standing around outside. When I went out to talk to them, they told me that Celeste’s hair salon was up and running! It was already close to eight, so we closed up in time for me to make one more before heading home.

Thanks for the intel, girls!

Thanks for the intel, girls!

The salon looks so, so good. And, it being the first time I’ve gotten my hair done properly in months, I had to go for the whole works. I’d been craving a bit of blue in my ‘do, so I tried it out…and decided I didn’t like it. So I went back to change my highlights, and back again to change the style, and back again to browse eyebrow options. I think I blew over $600 today on having Celeste wave her magic scissors and make my hair grow longer in seconds, but it was so worth it. Can’t wait until the new styles start coming in and I have even more hair options to blow my hard-earned cash on!


And when I got home, Deliveryman Brad made another perfectly-timed appearance to deliver my latest Buyer’s Center purchases. Honestly, how does he do it?

Mira Luna is…Mine?!


So, so much has happened lately here in Styleville. It all started when Celeste, who did Emmylou’s hair the other day, came in asking for a bold outfit. I put one together for her, and then we made plans to meet at the café later on. 

Bold is so perfect for both of them!

Bold is so perfect for both of them!

When I arrived, Celeste’s friend Ingrid happened to be passing by, and the two of them told me that they’re planning on opening hair and makeup salons here in town! I was thrilled to hear it, and even more happy that they’re letting me in on their plans. It’ll be the group of us—me and Michaela at Mira Luna, Celeste at the hair salon, and Ingrid at the makeup store—helping the entire community become more fashionable. I can’t wait! 

After our meeting, I headed back to Mira Luna, where we were having a rare slow moment. Michaela suggested I put together an outfit for her, which was really fun.

Isn't it cute? It's so perfect for her!

Isn’t it cute?

 She loved it, and talked about how fast I’d grown and stuff.

And then.

She asked if I maybe wanted to run the boutique.

As in, did I maybe want to take over the management of Mira Luna.

Before I could say no, or talk about how my homework keeps me busy, Michaela made up her mind and Mira Luna became mine! Honestly, I can’t say I’m upset—I was kind of hoping for this sort of career-advancement in the fashion world when I took the job at Mira Luna, but I never expected such a big break to come so soon! Next, Michaela called up this guy Harris, and together the three of us picked out a new interior for the boutique. We also renamed it Lilac Breeze, which I think goes very well with the “elegant” -themed interior I chose.

The renovation took a couple of days, and in that time we also had our first snowfall. It looks so nice outside, and plus, it’s a great excuse to wear a cute coat! Emmylou came over first thing on the day of my grand re-opening day to say hi and wish me good luck. The boutique had a super-successful first day, and I even met one of the customers for tea at the café after work.

I also have Shea working as my part-time assistant now, so I’m confident that when my studies call me away from fashion for a little while, she’ll be able to hold down the fort.

My new assistant! She's not Emmylou, but she's still great to have around.

My new assistant! She’s not Emmylou, but she’s still great to have around.

And to end on a high note, Celeste said the hair salon will be opening soon—finally, a chance for me to play around with some layers and highlights!


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