It’s Time…

You know how, all those months ago, I kept talking about moving on, making it big, finally getting somewhere in the fashion world?

Well, it’s finally time for me to take that step.

Today, Styleville expands into a new horizon of beautiful (and not to mention chic) new opportunities. It’s never too late to start a new adventure and really pursue your calling, and for me that’s always meant more than just running a boutique. I want to help my customers with everything they could ever need, from shoes to hair and makeup, and of course, outfits I design myself.

Just think of the possibilities–in Beaumonde City, you can look this good ALL THE TIME! (Photo used thanks to another awesome article on this happening!!)

Sound a little out-there? Well, I’d think so, too, if I hadn’t just bought my ticket to Beaumonde City!!! Today—and tomorrow, and the next, and, yes, the one after that—I’ll be exploring this new place and finding ways to make it my home, and to really leave my mark on the fashion world. I may not get around to posting about my new adventures for a little while, but I promise that those stories are coming, and soon. Wish me luck, and do stick around for the ride! It promises to be nothing short of (fashionably) fabulous.

Help Me Get to Beaumonde City!

As you may have read here or here, I’m getting ready to move out of Styleville to somewhere a little bit bigger, brighter, and more full of fashion. The trouble is that that same fashion economy could be happening right here in the Styleville, but just hasn’t made the leap overseas.

So before I sell all my worldly possession (just kidding, though I might need a very big boat to bring them all with me) and move to the southern coasts of England, I thought I’d put an appeal up here for all of you. If you’re interested in seeing new content on the blog, give this petition for bringing some style stateside a read.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Right now my travel plans are fairly set for early May, so the content I’m putting up will change a little then.

Also, a quick apology for the brief hiatus. School is in session once again, and you know how that always goes… 

I end up so frazzled that it’s all I can do to drink tea and calm my nerves!

I end up so frazzled that all I can do is drink some tea and calm my nerves!


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