Get Your Solstice On


Happy Winter Solstice, everybody! The day was so short that I hardly wanted to get out of bed… 

Lounging around the house sounds pretty appealing on a day like this!

Lounging around the house sounds pretty appealing on a day like this!

…but I had to get myself downtown. I’d promised a customer from the day before that I’d meet her at the amusement park before the morning ended!

"I can ride the merry-go-round in just about any weather, y’know?"

“I can ride the merry-go-round in just about any weather, y’know?”

And when I got back to the store, once again, outfits were just flying off that popular mannequin of mine.

Can you say “adorable”?

That evening—which really felt like nighttime the moment the sun started to set—I headed over to the contest hall to try my hand at the International Contest’s cash prize. Guess my model and I weren’t quite up to snuff, though, since we only came in second…

Maybe it wasn’t “wintery” enough?

Maybe it wasn’t “wintery” enough?

Oh, and let’s not forget who got featured in today’s StreetSnaps digest…

That’s right, yours truly!

That’s right, yours truly!

So all in all, aside from it being pretty dark and cold out all day, my Solstice rocked!


Suddenly Stylish


It’s been months since I’d attempted an entry in the International Contest, or any fashion contest here in town, for that matter. I’ve had mixed successes with the International Contest in the past, and was stuck on one particular theme for so long that I almost threw in the towel. But earlier this month, I decided to give it another shot—just one more time. And, with the perfect outfit, I…



Well, after that victory, you better believe I gave it another go—and another, and another after that! Putting time and care into my outfit choices seemed to really wow the judges, because they handed out trophies and prizes from the exclusive brand Teatro Amare like I was some sort of fashion prodigy. And according to Avery, that’s actually what I am…

No one has ever won all of the themes before! Girlfriend, what ARE you?!

NO ONE has EVER won ALL of the themes before! Girlfriend, what ARE you?!

I have to say, it feels pretty good to not only have won the International Contest once or twice, but to have crushed it, to have complete and utter victory over it. I got to work with some of the top models in the business…


…and to attend the most posh after-party that I think I’ve ever been to.

Yes, that's right--it felt FABULOUS!

Yes, that’s right–it felt FABULOUS!

A Snowy Victory


First things first: I bought some new furniture today!



 Seriously, this is a huge deal for me. I never have the saving powers to put together the money for one of these bad boys.

Anyway, after rearranging my apartment, I headed off into the world for a surprisingly fun and fulfilling day. In the morning, I met Kayley in the park to watch the flurries falling…

“I thought there’d be more snow!”

“I thought there’d be more snow!”

…and also got yet another feature from Teagan.

“That outfit is just too cute to let it pass me by!”

“That outfit is just too cute to let it pass me by!”

So, with those words of encouragement still ringing in my ears, I headed to the boutique…where I proceeded to sell outfit after outfit after outfit. Business was booming! But I did manage to slip away for a sec—just long enough to bump into a friendly customer doing some browsing downtown.

"You know what I could really go for right about now…?”

“You know what I could really go for right about now…?”


“Blueberries! And how about smothered in chocolate! Drool…”

“Blueberries! And how about smothered in chocolate! Drool…”

Then it was time to close up for a minute and make my way over to the contest hall. I threw something together for the bold theme, totally not expecting to win…but then I did! And what better way to spend Christmas Eve than watching fireworks from the hotel’s ultra-posh after-party?

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Hi From a Supreme Stylist


Toward the end of my cosplay runs last month, I jumped on the contest bandwagon and decided to try again at the International level. And, get this—I won! The slideshow below will tell you the rest of the story. All in all, though, I wish I’d dressed up a little more—I was still in my Rapunzel outfit when I walked out to wave to the audience. Oops!

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On to International


I had a jam-packed day yesterday, starting when I met customer Rebekah at the Lavender Fields. 


I love this place—it just smells so great out here!

I then hit the Teahouse with Daphne… 


We got tea and sweet crepes—that’s my kind of lunch.

…got my hair done, and redecorated my apartment to match my outfit.

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Then it was time to head to the contest hall, where my fate in fashion awaited me.

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Believe it or not, I got 4th! Emmylou placed 2nd, and her outfit didn’t even fit the theme.


“Guess we’ve both got some bigger fish to fry…”

Ah, well. That’s that, and there will always be other opportunities. I cheered myself up by choosing an outfit for Hazel, who’s now a regular customer…


…and who loves flirty stuff!

Then I went home and chose a new outfit for myself…


One at the perfect comfort-level for pajamas. Good night!


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