Design It


I’ve recently started doing some design work on the side, whenever the Brand Reps at the Exhibition Hall decide they need me.

Really, it’s so much fun…

Really, it’s so much fun…

And I get to keep the clothes, so, why not?

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Oh, and of course I’ve been celebrating the holidays as they go by!

Oh, and of course I’ve been celebrating the holidays as they go by!

Mannequin Mania


I was going to get back into blogging with some much-needed recapping of my memories and photos that have gone begging over the past year or so, but then something else came up, as things tend to do. It’s just this—once I got back to the store and started switching things around… 

I changed the interior, too—do you like it?

I changed the interior, too—do you like it?

…people started coming up to me and asking about the clothes being displayed by my mannequin.

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A lot of these gals were first-time visitors to the boutique, which was pretty exciting in and of itself! After a couple of years, I thought I’d come to know everyone in town, but I guess that’s not the case quite yet.

How was I supposed to say no to so much enthusiasm?

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately—restocking the back room, and selling my mannequin out of ensembles just as fast as I can put them together! Can’t say I have a problem with it, though…

Especially since these gals–and guys–really know how to rock my outfits!

Emulating Autumn


Today was so nice—so pretty and full of color—that I just had to change my appearance to match. That’s right…I let my hair even farther down.

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Summertime it is!


And it’s about time—welcome, warmer weather, welcome, longer days, welcome, warm sunshine! I can’t wait to run all around the town, hit the beaches, lounge alongside the river, catch fireflies at the picnic area, drink tea under the shade of the green, full-grown leaves, eat cake at the cake shop, and, of course, update my closet, makeup arsenal, and apartment with all the latest new summer styles! 


But first things first here—I still have to try out my new bikini!


Influential Customers


I got a bunch of cool customers over the last couple of days—namely, Michaela, Grace, and this guy Dominic, who knows Grace and Renee and lives in the same fashion-conscious city as them. Everyone needed new outfits, and I even got to meet Michaela for tea after helping her! There’s just something so satisfying about getting to style my peers.

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Emmylou’s Valentine


Today Emmylou showed up at the boutique with Phillip in tow and asked for a casual, feminine dress. When I picked one out for her, she turned to Phillip and was all, “You need to learn, too! Let’s go downtown and people-watch.”

Nice, Emmylou!

Cute, Emmylou!

 So that’s what they did, because I ran into them downtown that night, strolling along and talking about their relationship. Emmylou wants nothing less than expensive salted caramels for Valentine’s Day—something I’ll have to keep in mind if I want to also keep her as a friend! 

None of this cheap chocolate, y’hear?

None of this cheap chocolate, y’hear?

My Personal Premiere


About ten billion things happened today, so I’m going to try to get through them in as smooth a manner as possible. Ready? Go!

First things first: when I walked into the boutique in the morning, Dierdee said she had sold a Leopard-Print Scarf to a customer for $29.40.  That 100% commission rate I mentioned? Well, Dierdee, expect to see $29.40 in your paycheck this month.

Next, tons of customers! One of them was India, and after I made an outfit for her, she mentioned the new photo studio that just opened up. Apparently you can go there alone or with a friend to get pictures taken by professional photographer Teagen, the one who’s always getting photo-ops of me after contest wins and around town.  I met India there during my lunch break, and we took a really cute picture together.

Another customer told me she’d put together a winter-themed menu for the posh restaurant that’s at the top floor of the posh hotel downtown, and asked if I’d like to meet her for dinner. I said yes, of course, and added it to my schedule. But then these two gals came in, Grace and Renee.

Hi there, can I help you?

Hi there, can I help you?

After I’d styled an outfit for Grace, she asked if maybe I’d be interested in working at her boutique, Strata, which is located in a neighboring town. Fortunately, Renee pointed out that I have my hands full already, so I didn’t have to decline. But when they invited me to join them at the café that evening, what, other than yes, was I supposed to say to a fellow fashionable boutique owner?

Isn't that outfit just lovely on her?

Isn’t that outfit just lovely on her?

New Snow!


It snowed again overnight, and the whole town looked gorgeous with the fresh blanket of white everywhere. I bundled up against the cold in a cute Le Spark-inspired look, but then I decided to go with something a little more basic. After all, that’s really closest to my personal style (although I like to think I can pull off the other styles without a hitch, if I want to).

Here's the flirty outfit...

Here’s the flirty outfit…

...and another, more laid-back look.

…and another, more laid-back look.

 In the store today, I was a little surprised to see Daphne again, but I didn’t have a problem when she announced the upcoming opening of Kanakoi, a brand with looks inspired by fashion from Asia/the Far East. Their stuff just looks too cute to resist, so naturally I ran over there as soon as I could get away. 

Seriously, isn't that adorable?

Seriously, isn’t that adorable?

When I got back to the boutique, India, the waitress at the café, asked if I had any basic-style tights in stock. She’d been in and out a couple of times over the course of the week with the same request, but I hadn’t been able to grant it. This time, though, I was prepared, and India left happy, but not before dropping  a couple of comments about my manager being out and how it must be pretty hard for an assistant like myself to be running the store all by my lonesome. Personally, I found that a little bit offensive—what, was I not managerish enough for her? But Michaela breezed in just as India was leaving, and announced that she was going down to the café a little later in the day. I met her there expecting to share a cuppa, but instead she ended up introducing me to India, who was all, “Whaaaat? You’re managing the boutique now?” 

No way, right!?

No way, right!?

Um, ya think? Look around you, girlfriend—who’s the name on everyone’s lips? It’s not Michaela anymore, is it?

Anyway. Michaela pronounced India and I as being on the way to becoming great friends, and, well, I’ll make an effort for her sake, but it would help if my to-be friend would open her eyes a little bit more. I don’t have anything against her, I’m just—still—a little bit peeved. Once I got over that, though, I looked at my watch and tossed aside all ideas of chillin’ in my apartment or browsing at the Buyer’s Center. It was nighttime, the boutique was going to close up soon, and the Contest Hall was just opening. I squeezed into a preppy-themed contest and gleaned another award to add to my closet.

They give out pieces from a larger overall ensemble as prizes—right now I have two things from the “flight attendant” costume, and a lot more still to go. But with a little luck (and a few more wins!), maybe the next level in the contests will open up to me soon? It’s too bad I can only do one per day…

Me, Matchmaker?


Today was one of the days I’ve always wanted to have since I arrived in Styleville—I took it easy. All day. Well, okay, not really. I styled an outfit, and then I hit the Buyer’s Center bright and early, where I found this gorgeous sleeveless dress by Zhade. I wanted it so badly, but I’d already bought up a bunch of items from other brands and didn’t have the funds. So, the natural thing to do? I headed back to the shop and sold a bunch of outfits and items, including a necklace that was snapped up by a dude and his sister. I didn’t really think anything of it until later, when the guy’s girlfriend came by and asked if I’d seen him and his date around town. I almost cracked up, honestly—she thought he was cheating on her!

Girl, stop with the long face...

Girl, stop with the long face…

 Him, one of the nicest dudes around (well, I don’t know that many, but in my opinion anyway…). So I told her it was just his sister, and she calmed down and said thanks and headed out. I helped a couple more people and then hit the hair salon and cosmetics studio before making a dash for the Buyer’s Center. I snatched up that dress just before they closed! Now all I have to do is win a contest so I can wear the thing around at an after-party…that shouldn’t be too hard, though, right? 

So what do you think? This color has definitely grown on me!

So what do you think? This color has definitely grown on me!

I’ve Got Style


Today I tried something I’ve never done before—I dressed in the outfit I was wearing outside of Styleville.

Pretty nice, no? No?

Pretty nice, no? No?

 And the best part was, when I wore it out and about, everyone noticed! I got a bunch of complements from my customers (and I even managed to sell similar ensembles to a couple of them). After working the shop for a little while (and selling outfits off of mannequins left and right), I decided to pop by downtown. It was the middle of the day, and I ran into Michaela and Ruby, whose grandmother founded Zhade, taking a stroll after getting lunch. Ruby even complemented my outfit, and promised that a Zhade branch would be opening soon at Styleville’s Buyer’s Center. I, for one, was pretty excited, because a lot of customers have been asking for luxury items lately. As soon as I heard that the branch was officially open, I headed over to pick up some things, and to get their brand rep, Kenna, to give me a taste of Zhade’s style.

That's me, in the lap of luxury!

That’s me, in the lap of luxury!

 I also stopped by Le Spark, another new storefront at the Center, and played it up with their fun, flirty style.

So much pink! Seriously though, Le Spark is the man.

So much pink! Seriously though, Le Spark is the man.

 On my way home, I popped into the hair salon and cosmetics studio to grab a couple of things, and I noticed that a new store had opened up across the street from the Buyer’s Center. Wonder what it is? Well, the important thing is that I got my picture taken downtown and my face in the Street Snaps section of Nuances e-zine, which put a grin on my face when I finally crashed into bed.

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