Be Hair Now


As I mentioned in my last post, there’s this girl Callie here in town, and she’s an idol to most budding fashionistas who live here. And as I discovered today, some fans will go to greater lengths than others…


“You know, I just don’t think the pose is quite right! Why can’t I seem to capture that pure essence of cool?!”

 Such as this girl Xiaoling, a new acquaintance who quickly became a walking advertising campaign after she roped me in to helping her look like Callie! 


“I like it, but something’s still missing…”

While she approved of the “bold” outfit I put together for her, it still wasn’t enough to get her the look she’d been dreaming of. After a chat over coffee at the neighborhood café, Xiaoling and I came to the conclusion that there’s always more to an outfit than just the clothes… 


Of course—the hair and makeup!!

The beautician’s and hair salon here in town are fairly basic in their offerings, so when Xiaoling burst in demanding makeup that matched a photo, Arabella, the store owner, didn’t know what to do. 


“Susan, I—I’m so sorry, but—could you handle this?!”


Turns out I’m not too bad at doing makeup…


Or styling hair, for that matter!

After Xiaoling’s transformation, everyone wanted to try my new services. Arabella and Noor–the owner of the hair salon–were more than happy to have me come by to take on clients. 


And I have to say, there’s something about wielding a comb and scissors…

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…that just makes me feel alive! (New hair, anyone?!?)

Stickin’ with It


No apologies, no excuses—I know I’ve been gone a while, but there’s too much to catch up on! I don’t have words to waste! The fall rush got particularly bad in November, so much so that I hardly got any time off for Thanksgiving. But that’s all behind us now, and with Christmas fast approaching, I’m stocking up on winter styles, listening to holiday songs, and trying to find a way to bring mittens back into style.

I’m telling you, there’s nothing worse than chapped hands!

I’m telling you, there’s nothing worse than chapped hands!

Today, I got my hair done as well…

Aah, I haven’t done this in so long!

Aah, I haven’t done this in so long!

 …and then went for a walk in the chilly park air.

But not too chilly!

But not too chilly!

And to dress my place up for the holidays, I even stopped downtown and bought myself a pot of poinsettias.

Nothing says "festive" quite like flowers!

Nothing says “festive” quite like flowers!

Green is Good For You


Wow, what a beautiful day. The wind was blowing, the leaves were just starting to fall, and it wasn’t even too cold! I celebrated with a breezy sort of outfit and took a long walk through the park, where I happened to meet up with Daisy.

Green grapes and good health!

Green grapes and good health!

 The store wasn’t too busy in the afternoon, so I finally found the time to try the café’s seasonal spiced pumpkin latte.

Man, I’ve been waiting all year for this!

Man, I’ve been waiting all year for this!

 By then the sun was going down, so it was time to head for the contest hall…and suck up my first loss in a while.

I’m just not good at making “girly” outfits!

I’m just not good at making “girly” outfits!

 Hopefully, the coming fall colors will bring along some much-needed fashion inspiration!

Weekend-After-Labor-Day Weekend


Since I was so busy getting everything all prepped and perfect last weekend, my pals in town were nice enough to hold back their annual Labor Day barbeque until this Saturday. And boy, am I glad they rescheduled, because this barbecue was some of the absolute best I’ve ever had!

We have corn, sausages, hot dogs—eat up!

We have corn, sausages, hot dogs—eat up!


I’ll even make some end-of-summer iced coffee!

I’ll even make some end-of-summer iced coffee!


Nom, steak…

Nom, steak…

After all that got done, I hit up the salon and—are you ready for this?—let down my hair! Then I redid my apartment to match the colors of the leaves…

Doesn’t it feel really warm and cozy?

Doesn’t it feel really warm and cozy?

…and took a stroll through the park, stopping to ask Daisy my fortune.

Brown, brown, brown…bamboo, adaptability, mayonnaise!

Brown, brown, brown…bamboo, adaptability, mayonnaise!

 I even went to dinner with Daphne!

This place is always the best!

This place always has the best food!

 …and Tegwyn got a photo of me on a casual stroll through the town.

Say “Cheddar!”

Say “Cheddar!”

 And although the leaves are starting to turn and there’s a bit of a chill in the air, I hope it won’t turn to true fall weather just yet! (Because who knows how often I’ll be able to blog once the demand for sweaters starts to increase!)

Time to Go Short


You know me—I find one hairstyle I like, I stick with it. I don’t know how long this one will stay around, but for the time being, I’m going short for the summer!


Aah, too cute!

 After getting my hair done, I took a jog in the park, where I bumped into this gal Jerry Ann, who promised mint tea next time we meet.

Jerry Ann

Her garden’s full of the stuff!

 Daisy’s booth was just a couple of steps away, so I chose green for my color of the day, and guess what herb she named? Mint!


Green…mint…wisdom…your lucky item is soda pop!

 After hearing all that, it was time to go home and settle in over a nice cup of mint tea. 


After turning my décor all-green, of course! …Well, mostly green. It’s the thought that counts.


Happy Mother’s Day!


For all those who have ever been a mother, known a mother, or had a mother (which is pretty much everyone), enjoy this special day! I’ve certainly been enjoying mine—in the morning I remodeled my apartment…


I love these little hanging things!

…and then went to meet Daisy at the Lavender Fields on the edge of town. 


It was my first time there, and I’m so glad I got to go!

Afterward I poked around in the store and entered a contest. For once, I didn’t win…

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On my way home, I remembered something Daisy mentioned about her brother working the flower stand at night, so I took a detour to the park. And there he was—Reed, the flower seller! He gave me some blooms to display in my store–thanks!


Wonder what they’ll look like?



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